Purpose educational lives, we were most likely introduced to

Purpose and Importance of APA in Research WritingThroughout our educational lives, we were most likely introduced to many different writing formats, but American Psychological Association (APA) is the official writing format used mostly in business, psychology, and other social sciences. APA creates guidelines of written communication that focuses on the structure of content, writing style, and citing references (Welcome to the Purdue OWL). The purpose of APA in research writing is to give the readers a consistent structure to follow when they are trying to understand one’s written work. This is very helpful because it lets the readers concentrate on the ideas of the written work without confusing them with unfamiliar formats. APA standards allow the readers to easily navigate through one’s ideas in order to find information that are of interest to them. It increases one’s credibility in the field of study by acknowledging the presence of the audience and their needs as researchers (Welcome to the Purdue OWL). There are many incidents where people often use the works of others, directly applying it as if it was their own without giving proper credit. APA is important in research writing because as it allows research that has already been trusted to be used freely by others, not only will others find support from the academic community for their papers, but also it gives proper credit allowing readers to use those sources if needed (American Psychological Association). Doing so prevents the many incidents known as plagiarism. Benefits of APA FormatThere are many benefits of using APA in research writing. Presentation is one of those benefits. When using APA to construct a paper, the presentation of the paper is kept consistent in appearance, which makes it flow smoother and is easier to follow. Things that add to the overall presentation of a paper are the running headers, page numerations, and title page, which gives the reader some important information (Cooper, M). APA teaches us, particularly college students how citations work. Once we understand this concept, it helps us avoid plagiarism. I consider avoiding plagiarism to be the most important benefit of using APA and the greatest concern occurs when writing research papers. Most of the evidence presented in research papers are sourced through third-party information. It is very easy to incorporate a piece of somebody’s work into your own paper and forget to give them credit. Using APA guidelines can help you remember to give credit to the original owner of the information and gives readers a more credible paper with reliable sources. Another benefit of APA is the guidance in format and structure of a paper so the writer can focus on the contents. APA recommends a paper to be split into four major sections: title page, abstract, body and reference page (Cooper, M). Each section is important in its own way. The title page gives important information about the writer. In a properly written abstract, it gives the reader a sense of what to expect in the body. The reference page lists the sources used to write the paper and the reader can use them to look further into the research presented.Global Relevance of APA StandardsAPA is a written style that is universally understood. In higher education, APA becomes the standard that all academies follow. This standard’s main focuses are formatting papers and using sources. All writers follow the same structured format everytime they write using APA format. The consistency helps all writers focus on delivering their ideas and arguments more effectively and it helps all readers familiarize themselves with what to expect from each section. Plagiarism is globally frowned upon, but with the help of APA standards, citations give the proper credit to prevent plagiarism. One basic APA citation rule to follow is whenever information from a source is used or paraphrased, in-text citations must be used (Spicer, A., 2018). Only when you are using APA formatting correctly will you be globally accepted as a credible writer and people in a certain field will use the research that you’ve conducted to further investigate their ideas. Most colleges and universities offer APA services for those who have yet to grasp the fundamentals of APA and make a global impact. How Can APA Help You As A Researcher As a researcher, you are looking for the most accurate pieces of information that you can find. APA can help in the sense that if you come across a paper and the APA formatting is exceptional, you can believe that the paper is credible and you can use its contents with confidence to support your work. APA also makes it easy to track references so you know who to give credit to. Accepting APA as your writing style means uniformity. The structure and format stays consistent so specialists in a specific field can find key findings with ease and it reflects on the credibility and extent of your research.


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