Psychopathology of the linkage being accepted, there still is

Psychopathology is defined as the scientific study of mental disorders. This includes
trying to understand the genetic, biological, psychological, and social causes with these mental
disorders. This is all about the different types of mental disorders are broken down, explained,
and discovered. Psychopathology goes deeper into the mental illness as in looking/monitoring
any change in brain activity.
Psychopathology may also be used as to denote behaviors or experiences that are
associated with mental illnesses. Even if it is not a formal diagnosis. For example, someone to
report to have hallucinations could be showing early signs of a mental illness in the making, even
though it is not much evidence. Any kind of behavior or experience that causes distress,
impairment, or even disability, may be classified as a mental illness. Something that bumps up
these factors is a mental breakdown including impairment in the cognitive.
An article that I found interesting involving Psychopathology was A theoretical
framework for the associations between identity and psychopathology. Within this article it goes
into detail about the tedious things within expanding new approaches towards psychopathology.
Little did we know that identity research emerged from clinical observations. The way that
identity and psychopathology have been linked together have been very well accepted. Besides
the fact of the linkage being accepted, there still is some underlying associations that are very
much unclear. There has been recent framework to enlighten this limitation. With this new
framework it explains personality and psychopathology, but leads to how it becomes into the
Like I recently said about psychopathology being a mental illness, someone with a mental
illness can have trouble with their identity. When trying to diagnose someone with a mental disorder there can be a lot of pros and cons to the process. Piaget, Swann, and Kelly had derived
theories and principles from Herman. Multidimensional spaces are connected in social network
through one’s social network. We portray identity at it’s core of an individual multidimensional


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