Pros jobs. · A doctoral degree is required for

Pros and cons
Good for people who like to work indoors
High salary
Good for people who are good at solving
problems mentally
Good for people who like to work hands-on
Long working hours
Demand for this career is not growing
Hard to get into this career
Requires intensive skill, knowledge, and




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By Amy Kralik
Period 2


What is a geneticist?
A geneticist is a biologist who
studies genetics, such as how genes are inherited, or how
genes play a role in our health.
Education Requirements
A bachelor’s degree can be acceptable for
entry level jobs.
A master’s degree may be needed for more
experienced jobs.
A doctoral degree is required for independent
research positions and faculty positions.
Experience Requirements
Will need a large amount of skill, knowledge,
and experience.
Typically need 5+ years of experience.
Need to know how to use certain types of
software and development software tools.
Should take a summer job in government
agencies and private industries which can be offered through universities.

Salary can
depend on where they work, their level of education, their level of
experience, their field of specialty, etc.
The median
salary is $75,150.
However, it
can start at 41,740 and go up to $112,820.

Expected to shrink by -0.4% between 2014 –
2024, as the demand for geneticists is not growing.
Where do they work?
The workplace
depends on the type of work being done.
Research geneticists work in labs, such as in
a research facility.
Medical geneticists work in hospitals or
research companies.

Types of
Study inheritance and the variation of
characteristics in different life forms
Plan and conduct experiments to see what is present
in origin, transmission, and development of inherited traits
Analyze hair and eye color difference, size,
disease resistance, and other factors that cause certain inherited traits.
Use light, heat, and chemicals to come up
with other methods to alter traits.
May preform human genetic counseling or
medical genetics.
Advancement opportunities and requirements to advance
Diagnosing and treating diseases
Developing new drugs
Developing new healthcare products



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