Proposal: are reptiles and amphibians, they are chordates so


Insertion of regenerative genes into human genome to
regenerate amputated limbs and tissue or organs.

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Much research needs to be done in this area first, many
researchers have been trying to unlock this code for years. To give human
beings the ability to regenerate their limbs and other damaged tissue of their
bodies would be a medical breakthrough. So, in this project we’ll first
identify the genes that trigger new tissue growth after a lizard or salamander
sacrifice their appendages to escape a predator.

Our first step will be to find out the animals that have
regeneration ability and then select animals that have genetic makeup closer to
the humans. Acorn worms are small
aquatic worm that burrows in the sand around coral reefs they can regenerate
their all parts from head, limbs to nervous system and they are genetically similar
to humans. They have a lot of genes common with us. First, we will find genes
and their expression during regeneration in worms. Lizards and Salamanders
are reptiles and amphibians, they are chordates so might have genetic similarity
with humans and regeneration gene can be isolated from them. Planaria and hydra are simple less complex organisms so they have less similar
and less complex genetic makeup as humans so their genes might not switch on
regeneration process in humans.

Lizards and Salamanders can regenerate their arm because
their stem cells rush at the site of injury and forms fast growing mass of
undifferentiated cells called regeneration balstema. Which further
differentiates in different structures. In mammals at the time of birth the
stem cells are replaced by somatic cells which limits the regeneration process.
There must be something in humans that prevents the regenerative process from
going that far and some scientists think it may be an evolutionary tradeoff.

NUI-Galway’s Frank, research examines heat-shock proteins
and Wnt signaling, which are found in both stem cells and tumors, thinks that
humans and other mammals may lose their embryo-like regenerative ability
because it would make them more vulnerable to developing cancers. As stem cells
are versatile and will form tumors than differentiated cells so it is difficult
to control them. Only simple organisms can control the activity of stem cells.
Our project has a goal to switch on the regeneration process in humans using
stem cells without unleashing the cancer process.

Once we complete our research and obtain fruitful results,
we can use this genetic recipe that can lead to muscle and nerve regeneration
in humans as well. To switch on the regeneration process, we must provide new
set of genetic instructions to the cells.

We can either insert, replace or manipulate the genes in
the human genome through gene therapy to initiate the process of regeneration
in them. We will insert this gene of regeneration in stem cells and that stem
cells will be inserted to the effected region such as tips of limbs or organs
that are to be regenerated. Stem cells will differentiate further into
different cell to regenerate limbs or tissues. Once we can switch on
regeneration process we will test it on animals such as mice or primates before

Today 2.5 percent population of Pakistan is going through
disability. Our project would find a solution for disability by generating
normal arms and limbs.


Liver damage can be repaired during hepatitis C, if one of
the kidney fails to function properly we can remove it and regenerate a healthy
kidney. In the same ways cells of eye cornea can be regenerated. Any part of
brain damaged during brain stroke or brain hemorrhage can be repaired by regeneration
through acorn worm genes. This process would have medicinal importance.


The money spent on research can be obtained in the form of
funding from different organizations that are either interested in our project
and want to invest in it for future or support our cause to end human
suffering. First this will be carried out in research labs and when trials and
research start giving positive and successful results, we can introduce the
process commercially.


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