PRODUCT set the bench mark for promotional activities. The



Coca Cola marketing mix strategy can be identified
by taking their wide range of productions,
Coke is not only product of Coca Cola, but is the most popular one all over the
world. On average, there are 300 beverages are produced by Coca Cola company those are the products which are offered by Coca Cola company

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(Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Diet Coke, Powerade Zero,
Coca Cola Zero, Fuze Tea, Coca Cola Life, Dasani, Glaceau Vitamin water, Minute
Maid, Powerade, Simply Orange, Coca Cola Light, Fresca, Del Valle, Mello Yello,
Honest Tea.)  


In above products have large market shares in
their respective fragment but their growth is almost in same platform, Coca
Cola company products are sold in various sizes of packages. Their core product
Coca cola is sold in 200ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 1.5ltt and 2ltr bottles and cans, and
also The Coca Cola logo is clearly made visible on each of these bottles and
cans to differentiate itself from Coke. The Coca Cola bottles also have unique
shapes and that’s the identity of Coca cola since it begins. Those product
strategy would help to  increase their
sales, Hence they generate huge revenue for the company.









The company promotes from
the beginning in an effective manner to ensure that customers remained
attracted to their product Promotion is
an activity that is implemented to boost the sales of a product, Due to the intense competition in the soda
industry a lot the top brands target on promoting and advertising to drive
higher sales and revenue. Coca Cola set the
bench mark for promotional activities. The promotional strategy of Coca Cola
company focuses on aggressive marketing campaigns by using medias like TV,
online ads, print media, outdoor marketing and also, they do sponsorship with different
global events like Olympic, FIFA world cup, NASCAR and also customers can win a free bottle if they get a
winning cap. These methods of promotion attract a lot of customers. Thus, coca
would be able to get higher market share
by their promotional activities. In other way Coca Cola also launches TV
advertisements in various national languages across the world. Coca Cola
launched “Taste the Feeling” Campaign on march 2016 which seeks out to remind
its customers about the joyous and happy moments Coke brings to their lives.







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