Process of the team.Meeting 1 Date : 12th of

Process The Team Members, Roles and Responsibilities                         Name:                                Devishka sooriyapperumaE-mail address:           [email protected] code:                    BLUETeam Role and responsibilities: Coordinator/Chairperson, Team worker and Resource Investigator. Name:                            kavin ekanayakeE-mail address:              [email protected] code:                    GREEN Team Role and Responsibilities: Shaper, Team Worker and Resource Investigator Name:                            praveen weerasingheE-mail address:           [email protected] code:                    YELLOWTeam role and responsibilities: Implementer, Team Worker and Resource Investigator Name:                            kavinduE-mail address:           Colour code:                    REDTeam Role and Responsibilities:  Completer, Team Worker and Resource Investigator Team NormsTeam Contract Team MissionFocusing on becoming the best performing team and effectively complete the task allocated                     Ground Rules We, as a group have agreed to follow the following norms, during the course of our project as a team.Treat each other with dignity and respect.Be genuine with each other about ideas, challenges, and feelings.Trust each other.Keep the team confidence among the team.Commitment to sharing all the information we have.Listen first to understand and promise not to be dismissive of the input received when we listen.Be open-minded.Support each other.Discuss questions so that the team can find the answer.The problems should be presented in a way that promotes mutual discussion and resolution.We promise to commit to doing our project and be accountable and responsible for the team.Strive to continuously improve the team’s work. Above mentioned norms will always be respected and any ignorance of the norms within the team till the completion of the project will not be tolerated.Date – 15th January 2017Team Member’s NameSignatureDevishka sooriyapperuma Kavin ekanayake Praveen Kavindu Definition of Roles and Responsibilities 1.      Coordinator/ChairpersonDevishka as the chairperson of the group was responsible for,·       Clarifying goals and objectives·       Allocate responsibilities·       Listen to all problems that might occur and give solutions·       Maintaining a rapport with team members·       Provides information by answering questions and requests 2.      Shaper ·       Should challenge the team to improve·       Stimulate team members·       Question and improve team norms·       Find the best approaches for solving problems·       Make sure that all possibilities are considered 3.      Implementer ·       Should get the things done·       Should turn the team’s ideas and concepts into a plan·       Conduct the project systematically and efficiency·       Should be organized 4.      Completer ·       Should see that projects are completed thoroughly·       Checks for errors or omissions·       Instructed to pay attention to the smallest detail·       Should keep team on deadline·       Push the team to complete the job in time5.      Team worker ·       Provide support to one another·       Help each other to work together efficiently·       Should be flexible, diplomatic and perceptive·       Prioritize group cohesion·       Help team members get along 6.      Resource Investigator·       Be creative and curious·       Explore available options·       Develop contracts·       Negotiate for resources on behalf of the team.Meeting 1 Date   :              12th of January 2018Time :              11.30 AM to 1.30 PMVenue   :              ACBT Room 02Chairperson: Devishka sooriyapperumaNote taker:         Kavin ekanayake Discussion points of the meetingCompletion Reading, understanding and clarifying the  assignment requirements through the assignment rubricAll on 12th of January 2018Deciding on industry and Selecting an organization All on 12th of January 2018Research on the industry background Devishka on   13th of January 2018Research on the company background Kavin  on        13th of January 2018Research about the importance of WLB          Praveen on     13th of January 2018 Identifying problems with regard to the companyKavindu on     13th of January 2018 Meeting 2 Date:                     15th of January 2017Time:                    10 am to 1 pmVenue:                  ACBT Lab 01Chairperson      : Devishka sooriyapperumaNote taker:          Kavin ekanayake Discussion points of the meetingCompletionCompleting the introduction part                                               and defining the issue Devishka  on 15th of January 2018 Research and decide on what WLB strategies to be suggested in the report Kavin  on 15th of January 2018Further research on WLB strategies Praveen  on 15th of January 2018 Start working on conclusion partKavindu 16th of January 2018 Meeting 3 Date:                     23rd of January 2018Time:                   12:30 PM to 05:00 PMVenue:                 ACBT Room 07Chairperson: Devishka sooriyapperumaNote taker:         Kavin ekanayake Discussion points of the meetingCompletionStart working on the presentation and practicing it All on 23rd of January 2018Researching on the pros and cons                                of the WLB strategies we chose           Devishka on 23rd  of January 2018Research on Implementation processKavin on 24th of January 2018 Finalizing the content on the body part and conclusion Praveeni on 24thd of January 2018 Research on Evaluation process and finalizingKavindu on 26th of January 2018 Minutes of the meetingMeeting 1 Date: 12th of January 2018Place: ACBT, room 4 Meeting Roles Host: Devishka sooriyapperumaFacilitator: KavinduTime-Keeper: KavinNote-taker: Praveen Meeting Objectives: Divide the topics and Discuss work progressClear all doubts and problemsFinalizing on completion date After we read the assignment rubric we clearly understood what the requirements are for the assignment are.As per the requirement we decided to do the report based on the retail industry and explain it through  LAUGFS Holdings Limited which is a leading department store in Sri Lanka.We started to research and gather information about the company and about the industry. Then we divided each task to complete and prepare our own draft with the given topic. As we discussed in the meeting Company and industry were Devishka’s topic,collecting information about the problems of the company and WLB strategies were taken by Kavindu and Kavin’s to do further research and to finalize on the content to be included in the report.The meeting was a success as we were able to fulfill the plan for the meeting and it was adjourned after deciding that next meeting will be on 15th of January 2018 at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at ACBT Lab 01. Meeting 2 Date: 15th of January 2018Place: ACBT, Lab 01 Meeting Roles Host: Devishka sooriyapperumaFacilitator: KavinduTime-Keeper: KavinNote-taker: Praveen Meeting Objectives: 1.   Completing the introduction part and defining the issue2.   Research and decide on what WLB strategies to be suggested in the report3.   Further research on WLB strategies4.   Start working on the conclusion We started completing the finalized content of the introduction. And then we studied the issue given so that we can start on the other topics with a clear understanding. After Devishka explained to us about the main issues we addressed that we all started researching WLB strategies, which affected the apparel industry.After discussing what we found we wanted to search much deeper about the strategies so we kept it as homework and moved to the conclusion part. Then we read the rubric again to understand the requirements. Since we ran out of time, we decided to prepare small document at home so we can get together and include all ideas for the conclusion at the next meeting and finalize its content on that day.The meeting went as planned other than for the fact that we consumed more time to research and decide on the body content than we expected. The meeting was adjourned around 1:00 PM deciding to meet again on 23rd of January 2018 at 12:30PM. Meeting 3 Date: 23rd of January 2018Place: ACBT, Room 07 Meeting Roles Host: Devishka sooriyapperumaFacilitator: KavinduTime-Keeper: KavinNote-taker: Praveen Meeting Objectives:1) Start working on the presentation2) Finding pros and cons of WLB strategies3) Research on the implementing process4) Finalize the conclusion and the Report5) Research on Evaluation process and Finalizing We started going through the content we have completed so far. And then we started to research on pros and cons of the WLB strategies we have chosen. All of us researched individually and we got different details to be included in the final report.Praveen gathered all the information we provided and finalizing the body, while Kavindu and Kavin started researching on the implementation process and evaluation process respectively and Devishka started working on the presentation with the information gathered.Kavindu was able to complete the conclusion and finalize the report with each given a draft documents. Since, we had to practice the presentation, without completely doing the presentation, we prepared a draft of the slides and then each of us presented the details we are going to talk briefly.Kavindu took the responsibility of completing the presentation at home and after practicing the presentation the meeting was adjourned at around 5.00 PM.Research Page Journal OverviewsHarvard business review (HBR) is a general magazine created by the harvard university. They provide vast information about the management field in this current fluctuating economy.According to the harvard business review the work/life balances consists of three aspects such as flexibility of working hours, flexibility of the work itself, and supportive supervision (clark, 2001). If a person enable to balance his work with his/her family, the work imbalance may occur.An examination suggest that the work/life imbalance are greater when an employee have large number of children and supportive supervision.Human resource management review, stated that the employees who have work/life balance issues will cause ineffective results to an organisation (Beauregard, 2009). When the people have work/life imbalances they get physical and mental distraction to focus on a particular task, hence this would create inefficient employees and the superiors will find difficult to control the employees and get the work done.    Collaborative Communication In order to keep in touch with the entire group, the communication channels that were used are;·       E-mails – to inform about the meetings to the entire group·       WhatsApp Messages – to keep checking on what the progress·       Telephone calls – to clarify each other’s doubts·       Skype calls – interactive feedback sessionsSome of the emails and WhatsApp conversations are as follows; WhatsApp conversationPics plus emailsProduct The retail  industry Today work life balance practices are critical important because, work life balance has become a subject matter of concern to scholars as well as business leaders because of the contemporary demographic, technology, environmental changes and changes in the individual expectations and aspirations (Baral and Bhargava, 2010).The retail industry is one of the oldest and the largest export industry in Sri Lanka. This industry exemplifies the challenges associated with work life balance. Nowadays retail industry has great power, they even have taken over the producers and the suppliers as well. Because they have created a huge loyal customer base around them with their loyalty cards, so that they will be able to add the conditions to the suppliers and the producers because they have no other option but to come to where the customers are surrounded in. Laugfs supermarketThe laugfs supermarket is one of the most well known supermarket in sri lanka. They not only known for super markets, they also known for gas, restaurants, tea, beverage and laugfs international. The Laugfs is a Supermarket chain pioneered retailing business.They all together 19 supermarkets around sri lanka. They recently shocked the whole industry  by introducing the 24 hour supermarket retailing concept for the first time in Sri Lanka. Because of this service laugfs now serves over 600,000 regular customers every month through its chain spread across the city of Colombo.Creating and building bonds as a trusted and pioneering brand. Laugfs have more than 800 working for their supermarkets. Laugfs mentions their employees as a main element for their consistency success in the industry of retail in Sri Lanka. That is because they knows that the effectiveness of an employee plays a major role in the success of the company. So they are very much concerned about providing a  good working environment that is safe and peaceful on their  lives of their employees. Therefore, ensuring a proper work-life balance in laugfs is important.          Employees in an any organisation will come across many different difficulties that will lower efficiency in the job such as stress, burnout, absenteeism, turnover and etc. Therefore  in order to keep the efficiency of the employees and to ensure the consistent growth of the organization it is important to ensure the work-life balance of the organization.Defining the problemsGlobalization and technological advances have spurred more companies to broaden their work–life policies, but putting such programs into practice can be complicated. In this section, as consultants, we have drawn the reasons for Work-life imbalance at  LAUGFS Holdings LimitedLabour turnoverWhen considering some of the Laugfs supermarket outlets labour turnover is one of the issues that they face. Even though the labour turnover rate at Laugfs supermarket is below the industry average of 5.6% it has experienced a rise over the last two years. No management Trainee programmesLaugfs supermarket does not offer a management trainee level as such.It recruits both A-levels students and undergraduates as entry level employees who are assigned with the same training and tasks. Therefore, most undergraduate employees feel that there’s a mismatch as they have to perform the same tasks for the same salary even though they are more qualified and knowledgeable than the high school leavers who will be put into the same entry level as them. Hence most of these employees move on to other banks to join the management trainee programme which offers them more experience and control of their work lives.No proper trainingThe employees need to do their task efficiently in order to achieve work life balance. But with no proper training it is very difficult to complete their tasks efficiently. The reason to why their training is not properly done is because they don’t resource the training with enough amount of money. And are putting the employees to work without them learning everything properly. High workloadFurthermore, one of the major issues that the employees at  LAUGFS Holdings Limited  face is the high workload assigned to them as LAUGFS is planning to open their outlets “twenty four hourly operative for seven days in the week of three hundred & sixty five days of the year (24/7/365)” it was even been kept open during Vesak, Thai Pongal, Christmas, Poyas and Good Friday. Every holiday, in fact, religious or otherwise.workers (ref 1) seem to have been frustrated due to this situations. This has resulted in poor group synergy and the employees focus has been deviated. The management has been receiving a great amount of complaints by their internal employees on the issue of an unbearable workload provided to them.Low salary levels    It should be noted that theres a set average salary level in the retail industry. Most of the supermarkets such as keels super set their employee salaries based on the industry average. The problem with Laugfs supermarket is that the salary they pay to their employees is below the industry average.Insufficient resources to satisfy the customersCustomer loyalty is the greatest strength of a supermarket.In order to boost the customer loyalty levels supermarkets make use of a variety of resources such as provide adequate car parking facilities and supermarkets such as Keells Super (ref 3)ensures that it receives the first batch of produce from each of their farmers and Kumar Sangakkara being the Keells Super’s Brand Ambassador.These types of services add values to the core product and grab customers attention and as a result customers will be loyal as they are satisfied.Employees at laugfs feels that they haven’t invested enough money on resource allocation for enhancing the customer experience.Insufficient benefits for the employeesThe employees don’t get any in store privileges like discounts for any of their product  purchases or gift vouchers that will make them feel like they are part of the family. This will demotivate them affect their work life balance.   Recruiting employees from bangladeshLaugfs has been recruiting thousands employees from bangladesh. This is major disadvantage for the workforce in sri lanka. This has occurred a major issue among the employee because the worker expect to have their family members and friends get jobs in the company through them. But when the bangladesh employees are being recruited their will less employee vacancies for local workforce. And when the bangladesh employees are being promoted to senior vacancies the local employees will be demotivated, because they will not achieve work life balance.


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