President with Florence but florence did help him manage

President Warren G. Harding Warren G. Harding is the 29th president of the United states. He was born in 1865 november  2nd. He was born in a barn in ohio in a small community Warren was the oldest of 8 children of George harding. His dad was a farmer but later on he became a doctor and a part owner of the local news paper. Dickson harding was a midwife. Harding graduated from ohio central college in 1882 and moved to marion. Then he eventually became a worker for the newspaper reporter.then in 1891 he married Florence Kling Dewolfe. Also had to raise a son that wasn’t his it was FLorence kid from a previous relationship. Harding didn’t have any kids with Florence but florence did help him manage money operations.              Harding didn’t ever think about being president nor ever wanted to be president. He grew up wanting to  run a local newspaper stand for the city, which he did for a while. That was harding’s burning desire he really wanted to be a newspaper editor for a small town in ohio which he was for ” marine newspaper  ” . although the people around him even his wife told him to get into politics but he wasn’t really sure if that’s what he wanted but his friends and his wife convinced him to get into politics. So he became a political and he was actually pretty good at after be became a senator. Then out of know were they offered him to become president so he took the offer.  The he became the president of the United states.          The things president wilson was known for was for scandale.. Sexual scandals with a young lady from his hometown.  everyone found out about this was after he died in 1923. The lady was very young. When she came out with the book called ” the president’s child ”  she was about 18. Everyone found out about this because of the book right after he died.  In the year 1918 two year before running for president he had an affair with Nan britain she was 18 at the time. They had a child together at a red lock. A couple people knew this, his journalist and his opponent even knew this but nobody said anything.       Kelly filipes was blackmailing harding while he was running for president they sent him to china with 5000$ cash and harding didn’t know they were blackmailing him.Kelly had a long relationship with harding the  they go way back. When they sent him china with everything was already paid. Another problem was that he trusted all his friends and all of them were bad people they did wrong things while working with the government and the people didn’t like it because  his friends were all crooks and it made him look bad.  To this day president harding was the worst president of all history and he became president by a backroom deal.  Harding president of the united states is only really know for scandaling and people didn’t like that because it made him look bad it made the country look bad for trusting someone who did something like that. The scandaling really affected his presidential.  


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