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President Clinton’s foreign policies are controversial some of them had a huge impact on people’s lives then and have it even now, but there are some that didn’t bring that much use to the society. But what is signed is already signed, so we will be taking a critical approach to just analyzing the overall influence and the known facts that are now known as history .Now we will discuss the foreign policy of the representative of a democratic party Bill Clinton. He was the 42th  President of the USA and came to power under two slogans “returning the house back” and “the restoration of the American dream”. This takeover of power induced in society a phenomenal rise of hope for durable alterations. Indeed, during his reign, America had an epoch of prosperity.

After a few months of his presidential term he signed two very important contracts that influenced the future and fate of the country. The first one is called Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act –made a probability of future budget surpluses. And the second one called The North American Free Trade Agreement – created a trade alliance in North America. These 2 contracts are merely examples of Bill Clinton’s foreign policy. However, to get a better understanding what foreign policy actually is, we have denoted a very simple definition. And according to this definition, a foreign policy is a set of of political objectives that outlines the way a particular country cooperates with other countries( in turn, it can be implemented peacefully or through violence and even a war)

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 Furthemore, the new President along with his administration introduced  the first White House website . It was launched  in order to make a step towards web communication with US citizens. During the time of the second term in United States appeared  budget surpluses, which indicated the success of Bill Clinton’s presidency. However, that  success did not last long, it was soon darkened by the attempt of  the House of Representatives of impeachment . These policies are destined to protect national interests, national security ,  economic improvement and so on. This can be implemented whether in the form of peaceful cooperation or in violence and even a war.


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