Practically on work, don’t know how to tackle it,

Practically every person has moments when she/he
cannot focus on work, don’t know how to tackle it, and constantly distracted by
the surrounding and postpone the work. Fred Stutzman, was graduate student of
North Carolina, he was working on the thesis. He was in access of free internet,
so he starting watching videos, scrolling social media and chatting. He noticed
that he took so many breaks just to check messages; he cannot keep away from
internet. He thought of disconnecting internet, but he failed. At that night he
decided to create software which can help him to stay away from internet. He designed
software called ‘Freedom’. It blocks websites and internet for the time set.

The freedom software is useful to the writers,
coders or anyone who wants to work with any distraction. It helps to increase
the productivity and save lots of time. The software helps you to keep focused
on your work because there are no distractions and decision making is also

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Ways to get rid of procrastination-

Make plans

You can make a to-do list for the day. The first thing
to do is to solve the most complex and urgent problems, then simpler ones. You can
decide time for each task; it will keep you on track and also help you to
manage time.

Maybe it’s not for you

If the desire to postpone
a case for later is repeated time after time, try to find out why it is so
unrealizable for you. Maybe it does not make any sense for you to take it,
and you should transfer it to another person. Maybe it’s not for you because
you are postponing it as soon as you get a reason.

3-As soon as possible reward yourself

reinforcement must be provided for itself as soon as possible – this is a
necessary condition for maintaining motivation. Consider it as
confirmation that you are on the right track. Rewards help you to keep moving
and keep you motivated.

Just start doing

The most important thing that stops us from doing things is
our imagination. We believe that the task will be too boring, complicated,
painful. But if we just start, we understand that everything is not as bad
as we imagined.

When we perform a task that we
really want to postpone, we feel confident in ourselves and satisfied. This
feeling will always be more pleasant than the activity you choose as
procrastination. But we’ll never know if we do not.

Almost every person on earth is struggling with
procrastination. Doing today what is easy and even rational to transfer to
tomorrow is not part of our nature. Unfortunately, in our busy life, when
we have more items on the to-do list than the time to do it, this can be
dangerous. Chronic propensity to procrastination leads to bad results,
severe stress and even diseases. It is not easy to overcome, but it can also be
done. But the most important thing is just to start doing something. Sometimes
it takes only a couple of minutes to get into the work.


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