PPC on Google exposing them to a wider audience

PPC / SEO – Pay Per Click (PPC) is a way which Skanwear could
increase traffic back to the website, however this can become an expensive alternative
if the campaign isn’t successful. The benefit of PPC is that it can reach a
wide audience and can be targeted to whatever the organisation desires.


For PPC to be successful it would require the
Marketing Department to be trained allowing them to edit and optimise the
campaign to ensure the desired results. As the department is small it would
require either outsourcing to an external agency which would be able to monitor
and track or training the graphic designer to understand PPC which would be the
cheaper alternative. The designer would be a better choice as they would
already understand the brand message and vision to put forward online. If
successful the organic visitors will go to the website affecting the SEO
ranking Skanwear higher on Google exposing them to a wider audience addressing
the objective to increase web traffic from 3000 p/m to 6000p/m by December 2018.
Another campaign Skanwear could launch would be promoting the ladies wear
collection we have to offer as the title, and a description detailing the added
features specifically made for women which could raise brand awareness to

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Social Media – Specifically LinkedIn for Skanwear to use as a platform to
engage with stakeholders. It would be key for Skanwear to remain active on
LinkedIn as it provides a platform for showing the brand personality through
posts, imagery and video addressing topic including; Product, Services,
Industry News, Competition and Legislation. In these posts Skanwear’s culture
of being safe and caring will be able to shine through attracting the correct
stakeholders. LinkedIn is a B2B platform it provides opportunity to speak in a
tone of authority, applying knowledge of Arc Flash and industry news overtime
will make Skanwear a credible source – therefore adding credibility to the


To engage with a larger audience Skanwear could place
a competition up of ‘like and share’ post for the opportunity to win something.
It would be important the competition would align with the brand otherwise the
overall message becomes confusing to stakeholders and potentially cheapen the
brand. Another way to engage with the audience the organisation could create a
bundle including; Gloves, Overalls, Helmet, Face Protection and undergarments
fit for a specific sector. This competition could also be like and share to
increase brand awareness across the platform to people who aren’t currently
following the page. This would address the objective to increase LinkedIn
followers from 1708 to 2400 by December 2018. LinkedIn will not affect the budget.
Another way of grabbing the attention of new stakeholders would be perform Viral Marketing (Juvertson and Draper,
1997) to create suspense prior to a
new product release, which could persuade stakeholders to send it onto a friend
of acquaintance. (Fill, 2016)

/ Tradeshows – The organisation currently attends tradeshows
exhibition globally but frequently in the UK. At the tradeshows, different
organisations provide garments and information for organisations to look
through their stands. Skanwear could use an external Experiential Marketing
agency to ensure the brand message is truly conveyed in the most creative way. Tradeshows
give the organisation the opportunity to represent the brand in person, however
it is crucial that the member of the Sales team who will be attending is fully
engaged with the organisations brand vision and has the personality to carry
the brand image interacting with external stakeholders. If the stakeholder’s
perception and attitude towards the organisation is negative and aren’t
intellectually and emotionally engaged, a poor brand image will be displayed
affecting the corporate reputation. At
these tradeshows marketing material such as leaflets, business cards and
hand-outs aligning with the branding for consistency. These marketing materials
will include different email addresses and a separate telephone line so
tracking the effectiveness would be made easier.

Industry Specific Magazines – Similar to the tradeshows the target audience
will be segmented by the industry i.e.: Oil and gas etc. Industry specific
magazine will allow advertisements for the organisation on new products, new
services and success stories. For Skanwear success stories would be most
successful where the organisation’s garments/services have saved a customer’s
life as it provides an emotional appeal to audiences due to the seriousness. By
targeting the specific segment with the emotional appeal stakeholders can
relate to story and reduces the perceived risk of engaging with the brand.
Industry magazines such as Women’s Engineering (specifically aimed at women
only) and Wave Tidal Energy Network magazine offer different options; 350-word
editorial, 350 word editorials with interactive links and sponsorships of a
features. The interactive links appear as QR codes – allowing up to three which
Skanwear would use to link back to the website or a landing page. For the
Women’s Engineering Magazine that is specifically aimed at Women in the Energy
and Utility Sector, Skanwear could use the opportunity to promote their range
targeting females and list the benefits such as; elastic waistbands with a
tighter fit. By involving Skanwear within industry specific magazines it will
expose the brand to new potential stakeholders who haven’t come in contact with
the brand therefore the tone of voice and is crucial. Fill suggests that ‘Risk
is perceived because a buyer has little or no experience of the performance of
the product of decision process associated with the purchase’ (Fill, 2016
p.95). To counteract the perceived risk the CTA could be advertising a free
trial, this way the stakeholder has nothing to lose.


Marketing – This ‘Below
the line’ (Fill, 2016) marketing tool to address the target of increasing
web traffic from 3000 to 6000 by June 2018. Email Marketing through MailChimp
allows the organisation to segment the target audience in terms of; industry,
age, gender and location for no extra fee. This method will be low in cost
apart from MailChimp monthly subscription fees, which depend on the number of
subscribers. Skanwear will focus on new services, new products, and new content
which will include a call to actions
such as ‘Enquire now’ linking to the appropriate email address or product
mentioned. Depending on the product Skanwear will need to take into
consideration the time of year and climates of different locations as a thermal
winter product campaign wouldn’t be successful in summer. Included in the
emails will be links back to the organisation website and to the LinkedIn page
in case they aren’t following. A model to consider when promoting the new
product is Kotler’s Three Level of
Product Model (Kotler et al, 2008)

to discuss the benefits of the purchase – in this case
being able to work more efficiently, no risk of wearing incorrect standard of
clothing and the most important being able to go home safe to their families
every single night. Promoting these benefits add extra value to the customer
experience. Using email marketing would allow the Skanwear to alter and create
their own specific templates that can be reused, whereas Social Media can be
limited when applying visuals, email marketing allows for brand consistency. By
utilizing this method once a fortnight Skanwear will reduce the risk of annoying
stakeholders with constant emails, alternatively
not enough engagement with them the organisation runs the risk of
customers/potential customers leaving the brand. As MailChimp allows audience
segregation, stakeholders will be addressed differently to what is relevant to
them. If all the segments received the same message that wasn’t applicable to
them, it shows a lack of care and could damage the brand image, as Skanwear
wouldn’t be addressing stakeholder’s individual needs.


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