Post of late 20 century until now. The loss

Post modern plays role in determining the social hierarchy of late 20 century until now. The loss of necesssity to follow certain ideology leads to freedom of speak, makes everyone is invulnerable to judgement of certain stereotypes. People express their identity through their own lifestyles, whether it is what they wear of what they do. Through this paper, I try to portray how post modern does look like in three different places I have been.


Intiland Tower, formerly known as Wisma Dharmala was built on 1982. The building is designed by Paul Rudolph for Dharmala Intiland Tbk. The distinct form is what makes this skyscrapper is one of the most iconic building in Jakarta.  It consists of stacks of cruciform shapes that are hanged to eight main columns. The building is nothing like common highrise in the era which makes it stands out until now. Rudolph was seemingly tried to breakdown the stereotype, where most of building was designed to follow certain modernist styles without strong reasoning behind. Accordingly, he encountered what is rooted to the existing place by using the shape of traditional roof that was commonly used in residential nearby. The plan drawing has became official logo of the company, which makes the building reflects identity of it. 

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Secondly is LaSalle College of The Arts. It is located on McNally Street, Singapore. The street itself is named after the founding father of the school, Joseph McNally. The building is prominent among the rest as it is the tallest building and the only one colored in black and white to to emphasize the focal point of this street.  Informal order and irregular shape of the building expresses freedom of thinking, flexibility, and creativity that an art and design institution intent. The open space with free columns and high ceiling on the center allow students from all department to gather at centre, either just casually meeting or showcasing their studio work. Ample space with no boundaries allow them to design and take full control of their activities. This is also supported by clear façade of the building that gives a sense of openess, as well clear access from and to any point of view across the campus area.  The building is thoughtfully designed to cater their students’ need. Assuming that, many spots are found to be aesthetically multifunction, both for formal purpose like fashion mock ups documentation and informal purpose like personal social media, and art performances video taping as it is a part of students lifestyle. The building is not fully enclosed so outsiders can access and become a part of the building as if it invites people to be a part of the community inside.


The last one is Lola – Espiritu Y Libacion. As written on their official website, this place aspires to be the first underground pub in Jakarta that offers alternative cultures for visitors. This place is said to propose Latina and Cuban culture by portraying LOLA, the lady of sorrow as their icon. Therefore, they put the place dark with minimum lighting provided by chandeliers. Painting and ornaments of goddesses are also found to be a resemblance of secret worship place. The interior is dominated by old furnitures, some are broken to give a touch of antiquity yet the table and sofa arrangement says other things. It is more inspired by pop american diner and pub which gives a modern vibe. The entrance to this place is quite small, narrow, and almost hidden—heading downstair to underground. This place is relatively small but as I observe, that is the main attraction. People who come are mostly cosmopolites. They tend to come with small group and so they occupy each sofa to make their own territory during the visit.


According to those three cases, it is a bit vague to picture how the post post modern era would be like. Society will be even more fragmented to catagories and communities. Lifestyle will be nothing but a fast changing aspect that is dependent to the market. Everything and everyone will compete to stand out and to seemingly advertise their identity. Ideologies from past era such as international style and contructivism might emerge back but people would merge it with the on going trends and demands. The demands here will not always about what we need in daily basis, but more of recreational, distinct, and possibly odd.  


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