Position signed on November 4th 1946 with the intention

 Position paper for The United Nations Educational, Scientific and
Cultural Organization The topics to be further discussed
in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
are ‘Engaging and Empowering youth through access to technology and media’ and ‘safe
guarding cultural heritage of war-torn nation states’. UNESCO was signed on
November 4th 1946 with the intention of contributing to peace and
security. Lebanon has been an influential member ever since UNESCO has started.                               
and empowering youth through access of technology and media Youth play a significant role on
this planet as they are the future generation, due to the high dependence on
youth in the society, they have a role to play as the future of our communities
and as the country lies in their hands. Engaging and empowering youth through
technology has been a mission for UNESCO as its work embraces educational development
from pre-school through to tertiary education, including technical and
vocational education and training. Therefore, UNESCO has established ‘Net-Med’ a
media training programme that promotes young men and women to develop their knowledge. As a member of Net-Med Youth
Project, a UNESCO initiative that was funded by EU, UNESCO Beirut office inaugurated
a Media training programme for youth NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) to magnify
their communication skills, through enabling them to build media relations, extend
their capacity to produce media material and efficiently monitor this process.   In 2017, UNESCO Beirut in
partnership with “USPEAK” and “Peace in Lebanon” organized media training
workshops on video-editing and film-making addressed towards both young women
and men in Lebanon. After obtaining skills that were needed a group of
participants were asked to shoot their own video which helps enable the youth
to express their views, concerns and perspectives. On May 24th 2017, UNESCO prearranged
an award ceremony where they displayed participant’s different videos that
participants have filmed in their societies. As a reward, all participants received
a valuable certificate for their hard work.                            
Cultural Heritage of War Torn Nation States Cultural heritage has changed
content significantly in recent decades, partially owing to the instruments established
by UNESCO. Safeguarding Cultural Heritage of War Torn Nation states has been an
aim for UNESCO as Cultural heritage hold a great value in knowledge, wealth and
skills that have been transmitted from one generation to the next. Safeguarding
of Intangible Cultural Heritage has been passed by the UNESCO General Conference
for the first time in 2003 with the aim of protecting knowledge and
expressions. War torn heritages such as the coastal town of Byblos have been
protected ever since. 

Lebanon holds one of the oldest
Phoenician cities which is Byblos. It has been connected to the history of the
Mediterranean region for thousands of years and it hold a great value as it
also holds a diffusion of the Phoenician alphabet. The place is protected by
the Lebanese Antiquities law NO 166 of 1933 and Law 133/1937. As concerns
construction permits, the same laws stated above are relevant not only within
the site but also throughout the entire area of Byblos.

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