Plagiarism confidence in who copies someone’s work. Another reason

Plagiarism is copying one’s work and getting the credit for it. According to Belcher (2009), there are many factors to plagiarism, such as copying the exact words, rephrasing
someone’s words without a
citation, not citing sources
used for a research paper and using someone’s idea without acknowledging him or her. Belcher also adds
multiple ways to avoid plagiarism, is
to have a short-term memory of the text you read and summarize it from your own words. Another way to avoid plagiarism
is to take effective notes and revise for any improper
citation and misquotation. When reading Belcher, I did realize all of the item
mentioned are considered as plagiarism although I always have trouble
summarizing an assignment without using some of the exact words due to
believing some are too important to leave and hard to replace with other
words.  There are many reasons why
plagiarism is a negative thing, it can cause lack of knowledge on the subject
that was a plagiarist, it shows lack of creativity and confidence in who copies
someone’s work. Another reason is if someone plagiarism then
most likely will plagiarism more in the future. Moreover, all of this will
result in a poor academic performance which will affect the person performance
on that subject and to his or her surroundings. The personal consequence one
will face if plagiarizes, will not acquire new skills to improve his or her understanding
of the subject and the goal of an assignment is not just to get a good grade
but to learn and grow your knowledge in that particular subject and by taking
someone’s work he or she
will miss an opportunity to develop experience and skills in that subject. Furthermore,
the key to revising is to double check for paraphrasing, for citing follow the
formatting guidelines such as APA, when quoting, use the quote exactly the way it is
with page number if needed and lastly a reference page. At the end carefully
check and reread your paper loudly and compare it with the article or text you
used as a reference to double check for paraphrasing and other that listed to
avoid plagiarism.   


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