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Persuasive Essay

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The ‘perfect’ woman is plastered
all over trashy gossip celebrity magazines and the face of beauty campaigns
everywhere. Who would have thought that pictures of strangers could influence
our self confidence so much? Every day we pass adverts with ‘perfect’ models which
have ‘perfect’ figures and ‘perfect’ skin but do they really look like this?
It’s proven that over half of advertisements have been retouched but only 28%
of cosmetics adverts include disclaimers noting that the images were digitally
enhanced. This is harming the self esteem of young girl’s and how they view
their own body image. Every girl dreams of being ‘perfect’ but can someone ever
be perfect? Natural beauty should be celebrated rather than being frowned upon,
every lump and bump every spot and scar is what makes us unique so this perfect
image that gets pushed in the modern day world can never be reality.

Social media plays a massive role
in this. It is riddled with these ideal pictures, every day we scroll through
endless pictures of clothes adverts and makeup promotions but if we buy that
product will we ever actually look like the girls in the picture? All these
pictures lead girls and women to be mislead which has seen a substantial rise
in cases of anorexia and poor body image. It’s a disgrace that the media force
this image on young girls, over 50% of girls aged 9-10 feel better about
themselves when dieting. Girls of this age should be playing with friends and
enjoying their childhood rather than this obscene amount of girls not being
satisfied with the way they look and feeling the need to change themselves. By
the age of 17 these young girls will have seen over 250,000 Television adverts
telling them they should be a sex object or a size they can never achieve. Is
this what we want teenage girl’s priorities to be when they should be making
happy memories and working hard at school to achieve top grades?

Beauty advertisements cause women
to feel down and upset about their own body image actually 80% of women feel
worse about themselves after watching a beauty advert. Twenty billion dollars is
spent on beauty adverts in the US every year, that’s a lot of money to be spent
making women feel worse about themselves. 
There needs to be a significant decrease in these shocking figures and
one way of doing this is warning labels on these edited pictures. Countries
such as UK, France and Norway have politicians asking for warning labels to be
printed on photos but unsurprisingly magazine companies are hesitant to follow
this idea. Shouldn’t we be focusing on building females confidence and making
them feel good about themselves rather than inadequate?



Some argue that Photoshop images
are art and should be admired. Although there is a lot of technical skill that
goes into producing these ‘perfect’ images they are hurting not only women but
males are also affected. Several studies show that men of all ages become more
self-conscious and even develop eating disorders as a direct effect of media
advertisement.  Magazines such as GQ, a male fashion magazine, use
Photoshop to create the perfect male model. 
Yes women swoon over Jaw lines and ‘summer ready six packs’ but these
images that girl’s see of men are not reality. It’s not every day you see a Zac
Efron look alike walking down your local shops because these models and images
are not real so young boys and men should not be pressured to have these
features to impress other people.

Slimmer waist line, luscious
hair, skinny legs, better curves and spotless skin are all thing s girls dream
of but young girls are becoming obsessed with looks and body image. When it
turns to January and all those New Year resolutions kick in and gym memberships
are bought and weight loss classes are joined does any of this actually pay off
in the future? All these girls aspire to be ‘perfect’ every year and when their
confidence gets shot down is when they realise they are incapable of achieving everything.

In conclusion almost every advert
or magazine picture you look at has been edited and perfected. Photoshop leaves
people with eating disorders and anxiety as they aspire to look like these
models.  Magazines should start to
promote natural beauty and not shame it. This would help teenagers to enjoy
their childhood and focus on friends, family and studies. Photoshop affects a
large quantity of people and the media aren’t ashamed of the images which is a
disgrace. Photoshop needs to stop!



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