Persuasive sure their teens can take care of themselves

Persuasive Essay

What sort of skills
are the most important for parents to teach their teenagers?

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(Examples: cooking,
taking care of a car, cleaning, banking, yard work, house maintenance,
emergency medical care etc.)


    Teenage is the period
when young people begin to master the skills that will enable them to be fully
independent in adulthood. As parents, we need to encourage independence in our
teenagers, while keeping them safe and supported. We should look for ways to
encourage our child to be more confident, independent and responsible. “Life
skills are essential for our child in learning how to be independent and to
become self-sufficient,” “Appropriate life skills will also help the child to
feel empowered, it will help in developing his self-esteem, and will also aid
in socialization and reasoning skills.”

have become so focused on preparing our children academically that life skills
have been put on the back burner,” only advanced skills in academic areas
aren’t going to help a young adult out of every jam he is likely to face in the
next few years. Thus it’s up to parents to make sure their teens can take care
of themselves in the world. Here are some of the skills local educators think
are crucial in becoming an independent adult and how to teach them to the

What should the Teens learn? In general, Teens should
know how to care for a house, yard and their belongings. For younger kids,
break a larger task down into manageable chunks and gradually increase
responsibilities until the child is doing it on her own. Role-playing scenarios
and chores around the house are a safe and easy way for kids to learn these
skills. “Problem-solving, time management, socialization, independence and
learning about rewards and consequences are all skills your child will benefit
from as she develops life skills,” “For example, learning how to clean and keep
a tidy home can help with your child’s interpersonal relationships as she
learns to live with a college roommate. Teaching your child proper hygiene
skills can lead to better social confidence. Learning to cook can help your
child learn to save money by eating at home

Money management is one of the most essential skills
parents should be teaching their children. We can make them responsible with
money by giving them an allowance when they are pre-schoolers. We can built
upon that foundation when kids hit their teen years by setting up bank accounts
for them, with both a savings and checking account. “By the time they go to
college, they have well understood the process of banking and would become
calculative in their spending, and so they become good money managers. This
sets them up for financial success when they get into the job market and start
earning bigger money.

Responsible driving and taking care of the car are
also important skills to be learnt. This extends beyond keeping the car between
the white lines on the highway. Teens should know the dangers of texting (or
drinking) while driving, how to pump gas and how to add air to or change a
tire. They should also know whom to call in case of a roadside emergency (you,
police, insurance company, etc.). Modelling responsible driving is the best way
to teach them these skills.

Parents even need to guide their children on
personal medical care and first aid usage. They should have knowledge of
personal health and over-the-counter medications. They should know when to call
the doctor. Taking proper care of self, through proper diet and environment, in
the case of illnesses like common colds, fever or the flu. They should know
about the Health insurance and how it can help them. To make your teen learn
basic first aid skills like how to clean a wound, use bandage, and other first
aid in case of medical emergencies, which may enable him to save a life, should
such a situation arise in the future. The best way to teach your kid about
these everyday living skills is to help them take care of themselves when they
are at home. Avoid doing everything for them.

 These are
only a few among the list of life skills for teenagers that we parents need to
make them  learn before they begin the
journey as an adult. The key to a happy life is to sustain two key skills – the
willingness and ability to learn new things. Agreed, that teaching life skills
to teenagers is not easy but if we can do that, you will have done justice to
your job as a parent.