Personally of peace in the present, past and future

Personally I have never tapped into that creative side nor
have I felt I was creative beyond helping organizations solve business problems
in a sales process. However, I feel I am attracted to creativity and what it
brings to a personal relationship, organization and society as a whole.


First before diving into why I love the arts & culture
space I think we first have to understand how I personally believe arts and
culture impacts our society, economy, and education, and individually, each
other’s health and happiness.

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In today’s climate nationally, and yes, even globally, arts
and culture almost has a responsibility to help us find peace and happiness to
accept and learn from each other rather than judge and react to our
differences. I find that our communities are thirsty for understanding and
looking for ways to relate and deal with conflicts in the classroom, workplace,
friendships, relationships, and politics. Historically all cultures have found
common ground through entertainment and a quest for happiness. Therefore, I see
arts and culture not only playing a major role in the economy but essentially
being a major conflict resolution tool that can help bridge the gap between
diverse national and global cultures.


Now that we understand more of how I view the impact of arts
and culture on society, I can elaborate more on why I personally love the arts and culture
space. I find that I experience balance and happiness when I attend a
performance. It gives me a sense of peace in the present, past and future that
helps balance out my hectic day to day life.


I also get excited when I can assist organizations with
technology and how it can help them solve their own issues. I often times am
confronted by executive directors, boards and management needing to increase
their customer base, or increase their overall revenue per customer. Technology
is a tool that can help these organizations automate tasks in reaching new
audiences, segment customers and personalize messaging thus helping to improve
customer experiences, foster growth and overall efficiencies.


Easier to use and affordable technology is now available to
help define trends, recognize potential opportunities, track and reward loyalty,
and above all, personalize the buyer experience to help exceed and meet
customers’ expectations. It’s a fulfilling experience to help clients in the
buying process of selecting the right tools that will help them realize and reach
their own success. I also find it just as rewarding to understand that sometimes
your solution may potentially not be the right fit technically or financially.

Like any organization selecting the right employee to selecting the right
technology can make or break it so I find myself doing exceptionally well at
guiding a buyer through the process and becoming that trusted advisor along the


Essentially I love the arts and cultural space because it
helps me stay connected and satisfy my creative side, and at the same time help
organizations solve business problems in an ever changing environment.


I'm Neil!

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