Perseus, was born to the God Zeus and a

Perseus, a hero from the Ancient Greece!Hello readers! Today we’ll be telling you something about one of our favourite Greek heroes, Perseus. Below you’ll be finding information about Perseus’ background, his parents, and part of his life story. Hope you enjoy! Background information about Perseus. Where does he come from? Presumably from Greece, but where exactly in Greece?Perseus was born in Argos that was ruled by Akrisios (grandfather). He didn’t have a normal life because he was born in prison. His grandfather was told by the oracle that his grandson will one day be able to kill him so he locked his mother up. The god Zeus fertilised his mother and so she got Perseus. Of course his grandfather wasn’t happy about it so he put Perseus’ mother and Perseus himself in a box that was thrown in the ocean. His grandfather wasn’t lucky, the box it didn’t sink. Perseus and his mom had stranded on a small island called Seriphos. There he was welcomed by Diktys, a friendly fisherman who helped to raise Perseus and fed Perseus and his mother.What can you tell us about his parentage? Does this make your Perseus ‘merely’ a hero or maybe also a demi-god?Perseus was the child of Zeus, the god of the thunder, and a mortal woman called Danae. This made that he was a demi-god. Being a demi-god meant that he was partially god, partially a mortal. Also having these parents meant that he was the great grandfather of Heracles, one of the other heroes in Greek history. The parentage he got wasn’t the best, since Zeus hadn’t been present in his childhood, but his mother luckily was wanting to take care of him. There also was this other man – Diktys – who took care of him and his mother as well after everything his grandfather hat done. Furthermore he is a real hero, not a ‘merely’ hero. This is because of the quests he’s been on and accomplished, the one with Medusa being the most known one. After all of those quests he got married to Andromeda, with whom he had children and lived a happy life.What exactly led to his fame and fortune? Or fame and doom? How did this hero die? Happily or tragically? What about the afterlife? What grand quests has he pundertaken? Here we’ll summarize his life story!He was born to the God Zeus and a mortal woman.He gained his fame by retaking the lighting bolt of Zeus and defeating medusa by letting her look in her own reflection. He did this by using a mirror to make her look as herself, turning herself to stone. He got this power to defeat medusa and retake the lighting bolt because he was the son of Zeus. Besides that he was a demigod which meant that he had more power and strength than any ordinary mortal. This was not his only quest he succeeded but this was the most important and known one. Perseus is the only demigod which died of old age. He died happily with his family. What happened after he died is unclear but we can expect he was offered to go to Elysium and he probably took that offer, so he could spend his afterlife in peace.


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