People saying that President Trump can potentially jeopardize foreign

People have different views and many mixed emotions about the man of office today whom we call President Donald Trump. As many of us, Americans know there is a conflict between the United States and North Korea and none if it is good. The author goes into detail with the readers by saying that “Trump’s latest incendiary comments, analysts fear, could fray US relations across the globe or even lead to nuclear warfare” (Jackson).  The author has no way to prove that just because the way that Trump handles this current situation with Kim Jong Un and North Korea can lead to war. The author then continues to go on and quote another woman who says that, “Not only does the president’s recklessness make war more likely,” “It will also deprive us of allied support should war come” (Jackson).  The author of this article is clearly and most definitely against the way of how Donald Trump tends to handle what threats are made to our country.    In my opinion, the author of this article is wrong in saying that President Trump can potentially jeopardize foreign policies. There are solutions to this problem that can make things better, for example, Trump could be less aggressive when talking about how he plans to combat the threats that are made by North Korea. Do we really want a president that sits back and takes the threats from other nations and doesn’t react, potentially proposing that the United States of America is a weak nation and not prepared to defend and stand up for ourselves? Or do you want someone who will be a responsible leader and grab the nation that is imposing on our territory by the throat and let them know that we will stand our ground? Sure, maybe he can tone down the words of choice that he uses a little bit, but just know that the President will always have our country’s back and make sure that we will be able to wake up every morning and say the words, “I’m proud to be an American.”


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