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People of rome, gather around for I have valuable information to present to you. The mighty dictator, Julius Caesar, was murdered on the floor of the Roman Senate on March 15, 44 B.C. I spent lots of time with him, watching everything he did for the people of rome and to see his life taken away so suddenly with absolutely no justified reason, the last thing Caesar would want is to put the power of this beautiful city into the wrong hands. In Fact, the last thing anybody would want is to put the power of this city into the wrong hands. Rome is in our hands! I believe that with I, Marc Antony as the next leader of Rome, will protect and guide this city to success and prosperity.for a matter of the utmost importance… The people of Rome! The most marvelous, honorable, distinguished people on the planet! Today, we all come here as one to get the light as if it were from a lighthouse that you desire. With me as leader of rome, nobody will ever have to live in fear as i’ll protect, i’ll attack (if necessary) but most importantly, i’ll keep rome intact! There will be more better pay, there will be easier lives, you will be able to maintain the lifestyle you always dreamed of. No more living in fear! O’ most esteemed Patricians, may there be more entertainment to keep you in comfort and eternal relaxation. It will be an absolute honor to see you live in such beautiful lives. O’ most honourable plebeians, Caesar had many plans and ideas to end your struggle until his life as leader was cut short but fear not as I am here to continue what Caesar started, putting an end to working for a great deal on hours without receiving the pay you deserve, you have all have hearts of a lion and I will ensure it pays off with building more schools for children to attend become educated as well as hospitals that will be available for everyone where affordability and prestige meet.Take a moment to step into my shoes, Seeing your leader who is a close friend and considered family slaughtered on the ground and his killer is right in front of your eyes. I asked for nothing but one request. To speak at his funeral, not to fight them and I did not harm them in any way possible. This is because Julius told me to never punish an injustice with another injustice and this is exactly what i’ve done. There is more than to just violence and


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