People always maintained a vegan fashion line is Stella

have been wearing animal skins and furs throughout history. With an increasing
demand over time, apparel produced from animals went from functional and
survival to being fashionable. Increased production has created a cruel system
of fur farms, caging, abusing and skinning. The main questions about the
killing of animals are: Who do we blame for this? How has it affected the
world? Can we make it stop?

Fur and leather were used by ancient civilizations
as a means of survival. Those living in colder climates often relied on animal
fur for warmth. It wasn’t until the mid-1800’s that animal skin and fur
increased in demand and production. Around this time, fur became known as a
luxury and as a result, fur farming began. And it was not until the 1960s
that fur was looked down upon.

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Minks, rabbits, and other animals used for their fur are
now raised on fur farms. Almost all the animals are born and are killed on the
farm. The animals are confined within small cages all day. Being confined does
not only have physical effects on the animals, but mental effects as
well.  According
to PETA, a nonprofit organization made to help animals, “fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods
available, including suffocation, electrocution, gas, and poison.”

production also leads to environmental destruction and affects human health. A 2003 Michigan State
University study in the
Fur Rancher Blue Book of Fur Farming states that “the U.S. mink industry adds almost 1,000 tons of phosphorus
to the environment each year.” Their waste contains high concentrations of nitrogen
and phosphorus, which are the two most common chemical forms of water
pollution. In addition to this, the Fur Free Alliance states that to keep fur
garments from rotting, farmers conserve and bleach it using various hazardous chemicals
which are released into the air.


are still efforts being maded to try to steer fashion away from animal cruelty. Some
designers and brands have started to be animal-free. One designer who has
always maintained a vegan fashion line is Stella McCartney. Also,
other companies that are taking a stand is Gucci, Armani, and Hugo Boss. Through recent advancements, faux-furs and
faux-leathers can be found almost everywhere and often have qualities like real
fur. Fur and leather do not provide any functional benefits other than harming
the animals.

use in fashion is an unnecessary cruelty that should be stopped. Every year
millions of animals are killed for fashion. The reality is that even though it has reduced
over the last century, it is still taking place and it is still as cruel as
when it first started


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