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Part 2.Importance Of Decision Making And How The DBMS Can Assist In Making Effective Decision.Decision making is an essential part of the business in general  and a key function of its success. Even a supervisor makes various decisions in a work day, and with some companies, decision making is encouraged among individuals on the line. Unlike CEO’s and managers of big organizations, the small business owner is largely accountable for the supreme final result of all decisions with respect to the company. Strategic decisions such as an increase or decrease in the size of the company’s personnel can be important to its success. Any decision made in a company is essential, no matter how small it may be. When you are making a big decision in your company, be sure to have the right people engaged so that you accomplish the desired result without immense costs (Al Bondigas). Role of database management system in decision making in business includes:A. Information Access: Managers need fast and easy way to gain access to data in order to make decisions about strategic, financial, marketing and operational issues. JC construction company can collect large amounts of data, including customer records, sales data, market research, financial records, manufacturing and inventory data, and human resource records. Nevertheless, much of that data is held in distinct departmental databases, making it challenging for decision makers to access data quickly. Database management system simplifies and speeds up data recovery by storing data in a central location that is reachable through a network. The outcome is decisions that are faster and more accurate.B. Data Collection: Database management system bring collectively internal and external data of the organization. By setting up a network that links the central database to wholesale outlets, distributors and members of a supply chain, the company can collect sales and production data daily, or more frequently, and make decisions based on the latest information.C. Collaboration: In conditions where decision making involves groups, as well as individuals, database management system make it effortless for teams to make cooperative decisions. In a project team, for instance, database management system allow all members to access the same necessary data, even if they are working in multiple locations.D. Interpretation: Database management system assist decision makers interpret the significance of their decisions. The systems modifies data into reports in a format that allows decision makers to quickly determine structures and trends that would not have been obvious in the data. Decision makers can also use database management system to realize the actual effect of change. A sales manager, for instance, can forecasts about the result of a price change on sales by running assumptions inside the system and asking a figure of “what if the price was” questions.E. Presentation: The reporting tools within database management system allows decision makers to design reports to the information needs of other parties. If a decision requires acceptance by a senior executive, the decision maker can make a short executive summary for review. If managers want to share the elaborated findings of a report with association, they can make full reports and provide various levels of subsidiary data.                    Part 3How Data Base Management Can Be Used To Improve The Business Efficiency Of JC Construction, Remodeling And Home.A. Data Access: Structured query language is a programming language that can be used by the construction company in order to update, access and delete data within its tables. These programs will allow outside programs to access its data through SQL queries and the programs includes Microsoft’s SQL Server and the open-source MySQL systems. For example, a website can show product or service data which includes pictures, prices and descriptions, when the web server software links to the data contained in the relational database management system.B. Data Relationships: This is one of the most important aspects of a relational database management system program that will allow different data tables to relate to each other. For example when a database contains a table with employee data on its sales staff and another with product sales data, the relational database management system can manage the relationship between the two tables. The relationship can help JC construction company to determine which sales representative has the highest sales overall and which product that sales representative is selling the most.C. Data Updates: Database management system will allows the company to enter new information, update latest records and delete outdated data. For instance, when a sales representative sells 2,000 units, that person will enter the transaction information into the relational database management system. The data can include the sales representative’s name, the customer information, the product sold as well as the quantity sold. The relational database management system enters a new record in the customer table, modifies the sales representative’s record and also deduct 2,000 units from the inventory record.D. Data Search: Database management system will also ensure that the company can create and manage its data over the system’s lifespan. The tables in the relational database management system will allow the company to search through the system using any accessible standard. CJ construction company’s customers can search their product table by name, brand, price, color, or any other attribute. The system stores data in a certain, sequential format, which will allow the company to view past records with no difficulty (Gerald). E. Analysis: The powerful reporting characteristics of databases which makes them helpful resources for analyzing data and forecasting future trends will help JC construction company by improving their business efficiency. For instance, a productivity report might display that productivity lags so much on every day in the afternoon before a holiday that you may as well just let the staff go early on those days. A sales promotion effectiveness report might display that income of certain products or services increased after an electronic mail publicity while sales of other products or services increased after an in-store publicity. Customer activity is predictable, and a database can help in anticipating and fulfilling the company’s customers’ needs or wants (Marilyn).                       


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