Parents going to school (Wenger, 2017). “To see some

have more time to spend with their kids. High child care costs have significant
effects; some mothers are more likely to work full-time if childcare costs are
high (Baum, 2002). In order for parents to provide for their children, they are
going to want to work, spending less time with their children. From birth to
kindergarten are the most crucial years in a child’s development (Walton,
2016). Because of this, parents should be around their kids more when they are
young. More families are beginning to hire nannies to take care of their kids
and clean the house, even when the parents are at home (Lewak, 2017). To ensure
more time is spent with kids, subsidized child care expenses should be

don’t have to worry and stress about who will take care of their kids. Many
parents are forced to send their children to less regulated child care
facilities, that aren’t as safe or reliable (Walton, 2016). Some parents are
forced to create a web of people having to watch their kids, so the kids end up
having to adapt and not get into a routine and be around other kids (Walton,
2016). On the other hand, many parents are feeling less stress when it comes to
their kids because of special programs that save them time and money
(Feintzeig, 2016). If the government would subsidize child care costs, daycares
would be able to open and expand their programs to make it more accessible for
parents to get their children in (Walton, 2016). They are also responsible to
take off work when their kids cannot go to daycare because they cannot find
anyone to watch their children. Parents sacrifice a lot for their children, a
healthy, working environment should not be one (Gross, 2017). To reduce the
stress and strain on parents, child care costs should be subsidized.

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have more time to accomplish goals. At Benjamin Franklin High School, they
started a program where teen parents can drop their kids off at the in-school
daycare and are able to graduate, unlike most teen parents (Wenger, 2017). For
most high school students, their main goal is to graduate. With the services
very few schools provide, teen parents are encouraged to achieve their goals.
School based daycares show how they help students accomplish their goals by
providing these services (Wenger, 2017). Daycare helps teen parents build a
future because instead of staying at home they can keep going to school
(Wenger, 2017).  “To see some of the
students that we were working with, we did not know if they were going to
graduate because there were so many barriers (Wenger, 2017, p. A.1).” Teen
parenting is one of those barriers for some high school students. “Roughly,
sixty percent of teen parents drop out of high school (Wenger, 2017, p.A.1).” Child
care costs along with the expenses of taking care of a child can get expensive.
With subsidized child care expenses, more parents will be able to do things
they never imagined.

are more likely to get paid more. “It is common for parents of just one child to
be paying thirty percent of their income or more for quality care (Walton,
2016, p.A.1).” With more money for other necessities, parents are more likely
to get paid more because they will not have to take off work to take care of
their children. One in four mothers return to work after two weeks even though
advised to take at least six weeks because they are not able to cover child
care costs without money (Hamm & Glynn, 2016). “Families with an infant and
a toddler pay an average or more than 32,000 dollars a year for daycare
centers, or 146 percent of the average income for a single parent in the
country (“Child Care”, 2016, p. K.6).” So parents do not have extra money to
even get their kids into a decent daycare because the cost of childcare is so
high. When aid for low-income families is reduced, it forces child care centers
to raise their rates to make up for lost income (Walton, 2016). The families
that are not able to cover their child care costs to begin with, they are more
responsible to try to cover those costs the daycare had to raise, and most are


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