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Supply chain management is one of the crucial activities in a business enterprise. It greatly contributes to the success of a firm since it entails the operations of the firm, logistics and management of the firm. Supply chain refers to the process by which goods and services, work in progress inventory, involving the movement of raw materials as well as storage of them and finished products in a firm are moved from the point of production (Origin) to the point of consumption (Mentzer, DeWitt, Keebler, Min, Nix, Smith & Zacharia, 2001).If effectively managed, supply chain can lead to a firm gaining competitive edge over their rivals in the industry. This can greatly contribute to the firm outcompeting their rivals in the industry hence be in a position to boost their performance in the industry. Firms wishing to prosper in the industry have to adopt the most efficient supply chain management strategy. This is because supply chain constitutes the most crucial operations in a firm. As such, improving the efficiency of supply chain in a firm the overall operations of the firm are also be greatly improved.
Operations in a firm mainly involving production of goods and services in the business enterprise. This therefore involves the firm acquiring the raw materials needed for production of the goods and transporting them to the firm to be used in the production process (Arndt, 2004). The raw materials may be brought in huge amount hence creating the need to store them in the firm`s warehouse. The whole process of acquiring the raw materials, transporting them and storage constitutes supply chain management. In addition, the process of managing work in progress inventory constitutes supply chain management. Finally, the movement of the finished goods to the stores from the production site as well as distribution of them to the final consumers in the market is all the work of supply chain management personnel in a firm. 

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Supply Chain Theory.
Several theories on supply chain exists in the market which are used to enhance efficiency in the operations of a firm. One of the most crucial theory used is the Just in Time (JIT) theory which advocates for ordering of raw materials on time as well as distributing finished goods and services effectively and on time ensure there is no shortages in the market (Carter & Rogers, 2008). This greatly increases the performance of the firm in the industry since by having a n effective SCM the firm will automatically gain some competitive edge over their rivals in the industry.
As such, the work of supply chain greatly supports the operations in a firm. This is due to the crucial role played by the SCM in the firm. Without raw materials in the business organization for instance leads to stoppage of production process of goods and services in the firm hence lowering the performance of the firm significantly(Arndt, 2004). As such, business organizations that do not have effective SCM are always performing poorly in the industry as a result of poor operations in terms of production of the goods and services. If the firm does not an effective supply chain management in place, the distribution of their finished goods will be very poor hence leading to shortages of the products in the market. As a result, the sales volume of the firm will reduce significantly in the market hence lowering its performance as well as competitiveness in the industry significantly.Supply chain is therefore part and parcel of the operations of a business organization. Firms should therefore always try to use the most effective supply chain.
Multinational firm have been able to operate efficient in the market as a result of ensuring their supply chain management is effective (Davis, 1993). This ensures the goods and services produced in the company`s parent premises abroad are shipped to various countries where they operate hence making them to be able to operate effectively. Just in time theory of supply chain management is very applicable to these organizations. This enables them to regulate the supply of the goods in the market in order to save on storage costs. This lowers their cots of operation hence making them to adopt good pricing strategies in the market.
Professional Interaction.
Professional interaction in supply chain management as well as operations in a firm is very critical. This is because it contributes to the efficiency of the operations in the firm. Supply chain managers are able to direct their juniors in the firm appropriately hence leading to them working efficiently in order to ensure the supply chain achieves its set goals and objectives(Friend & Cook, 1992). Interactions in a business enterprise are inevitable hence ensuring professional interaction ensure cooperation form all the employees in the firm. This greatly boosts the operations of the firm as well as the increasing efficiency in the supply chain of the firm.
Communication is very essential in any business enterprise. Supply chain management in a firm should always ensure there is adequate communication. This will greatly boost the operations of it hence leading to improved performance of the business enterprise. Various strategies are adopted to communicate effectively in the supply management (Bolton &Dewatripont, 1994). These includes discussions, one on one conversations and meetings. This helps the supply chain managers to coordinate the activities of the firm especially regarding the supply chain activities in the firm. This helps the firm to improve its performance hence gaining competitive edge over its rivals in the industry. Communication also ensures peace and unity in the supply chain team hence increasing their performance significantly.
Presentation Skills.
Presentation skills are used by the supply chain managers to demonstrate various activities in the supply chain activities. This greatly improves the performance of the firm in the industry by increasing the efficiency of supply chain operations. Presentation skills are also very crucial managing the operation of a firm. Workers are well trained in the firm through the use of these presentation skills hence making them to perform their roles effectively. This in turn increases the productivity of the firm hence helping it gain some competitive advantage over its rivals in the industry.


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