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Unit 7 Proposal – “Jewels of islamic art ” 

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Section 1- Progress and Achievement 

Since my foundation course four years ago and throughout first and second year in this course, although I have greatly improved on my skills as a graphic designer, there was a lear cut consistency of scruffiness and unprofessionalism.  This then would manifest and devalue my work. While acknowledging the feedback from my tutors, It was clear I had to adapt and transition from scruffiness to a more professional level in order to prepare myself to the world of design. Being in third year has taught me how to be in that natural flow of  professionalism and idea development, while exploring new ways to improve myself. I have learnt to keep producing more and more instead of thinking about the end result, this really helped me in order to have a consistency and a body of work where anyone can look back and see the progress instead of just the end result. But above all, it has helped me embrace my individual style and way of working, I was taught third year would be the most important year which would define which kind of graphic design I am going to be. Along with feedback from the tutors, I believe so far I am starting understand that mark making like abstract  drawings, or posters is my main strength and what I enjoy doing the most. Also, tend I like to imply new techniques introduced to me like the different methods provided by the print room to introduce unique bodies of work. 

Section 2 – Pathway Choice From initially exploring the Islamic art form

On my dissertation I was looking at Islamic art and the history behind it. I found myself intrigued by the beauty of the marks, patterns and colours. For my FMP, I want dive deeper into Islamic art and the best way to start is to just produce, produce and produce. I want to understand and learn the art form, and the beautiful craftsmanship behind it. What caught my attention like anyone else was the aesthetic side of the art form. From the bright colours reflecting beauty and geometry to the eyes of who over looked and pondered which pattern was the  most beautiful.

Section – 3 Project Proposal Aims and Realisation 
In order to come up with a body of work my plan is to look at the main components of Islamic art. This consists of patterns, Arabic type and architecture. Having said that, I want to use various methods and techniques that I never used before or known about like rotogravure or xerography. I am mainly interested on the architecture and design concept. I like how the shapes of domes you find in Islamic countries is a representation of the religious believe.  Not everyone has the opportunity to actually witness this wonderful art form. My aim is to manifest the beauty of the art form, by providing a new way to experience that beauty not just in a physical form but by engaging the human senses. II want to consider the group of people who wouldn’t be able to experience something visually so they would feel excluded. Not only you would be able to visually see it your other sense like touch and smell would also engage.
To do this, I want to experiment and explore how the blind or someone with nerve damage experience and sense the world around them.  The main focus would be on how I can introduce the interaction of the pieces of work through texture of the material, sound, touch and smell rather then just visual appearance.

Section – 4 Evaluation 
Constant evaluation during my FMP and after will be crucial. Therefore I will record my progress in a journal everyday with any developments or changes I make in my project. New ideas, feedback from others or any thing I think would be relevant will all be recorded . This will help me to stay organised.  


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