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Observing the world around me, Economics can provide an explanation to so many market models. The stock market: an intricate web of transactions can be explained using demand and supply models. Knowing that today’s society is driven by economic decisions, not only develops my interest in studying the subject, but motivates me to succeed in it. ‘A successful business man is a risk taker and in life winning is not everything but losing is nothing.You have to work hard and find an opportunity in every difficulty and look at things in a positive way to make the best out of it’.The World as we know it is becoming an exceedingly competitive playground. In times to come, survival will require innovation and renovation. Coming from a business background, I have always searched for inspiration in my elders. What I have come to learn in my short span of experience from family, is to pursue what you are passionate about, and weave it into a business model, to create a win-win situation. Business in my view will be that perfect platform which will allow me to pursue my passion in a productive manner. The urge to indulge in the subject, business, was somewhat inbuilt from my early days due to my upbringing and I would like to get a profound understanding of business and management along with Economics, to carry this legacy forward and subsequently make a positive impact on the society I serve.

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I recently started reading books related to economics and business thats when I discovered that reading more made economics more captivating. One of the books I read recently “freakonomics” by Steven Levitt, Stephen Dubner is about how data can be used to solve problems and arouse intuitive questions. Reading the “wealth of nation” by Adam smith enhanced my knowledge about labor market as it talks about how division of labor is essential for economic progress and other books such as the biography of Steve jobs by Walter Isaacson which is also one of my favourite books. It talks about the life of Steve jobs and his unique, innovative business ideas which helped apple become what it is today. I also read Saurabh Mukherjea’s ‘The unusual billionaires’ which talks about companies built by visionary business leaders, which made me realise that communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills are essential to be successful in the business world. 

I enjoy challenges, the harder a concept becomes, the harder I work at understanding it. In this way, I leave no doubt in my mind regarding concepts. My passion for economics is also closely accompanied by business. I love to participate in class discussions and debates and question my teacher about various concepts being taught. I am yet to convince my friend that people who work for more than 80 hours a week get a reduction in tax.

As I was keen to learn more, I volunteered to work as an intern in a private firm and develop an overall idea of business and its varying sectors.I learned about the company’s marketing techniques, human resources management, money recovery strategies etc. I believe every human holds the responsibility of being considerate towards the society’s well being. 

Furthermore, I also went for a summer course to the University of oxford to enhance my knowledge about economics and business for two weeks. I learnt from the experience that everything in this world can be seen in two ways and things only get better as you work harder. This exposure given to me was a learning event for me and further developed my interest in business and economics. I met different people from across the world and it was a great time learning about their culture, thought process and they way they look at things. I learnt to respect everyone’s perspective. 

I would welcome the challenge of pursuing a degree in business and attempt to understand how the world operates in depth. My passion and potential shall aid me for my university life. I would also contribute to the fullest with my varying interest and skills. 


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