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believe that it is imperative for distinct industries across the
world to understand the necessity of Data Science. Data helps top
players keep abreast with the ceaselessly progressing lifestyles of
the public. Data Scientists, by ably discerning the statistics,
contribute towards boosting the overall productivity and growth of an
industry. I firmly believe that they spearhead organizational
progression and
to contribute to the same cause.

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I grew up embracing my fascination for Maths and Computers,
Undergraduate in Computer Science Engineering was an obvious choice
for me. The rigorous curriculum nurtured my interests and I grew
passionate over time. I have gathered solid grounding in
Python,Algorithms,Data Structures, SQL, C, C++ and Calculus.
Furthermore, it was my tenure with IBM that enabled me to gain a keen
insight into the illimitable potential that the field of Data Science
holds for the future. Thus, I have now decided to focus my career on
becoming a Data Scientist. The MS program in Business
at the prestigious Bentley
would undoubtedly help me fulfill this objective.

knowledge gained through undergraduate subjects further inspired me
to explore the world of Data Science. I even completed a
comprehensive course on Oracle 10g during my Undergraduate
program,which eventually would give me an edge when working with Data
in my future research ventures.

completing my undergraduate, I was looking for an opportunity that
would feed on my passion. Thus, I took up the position of ‘Mainframe
Storage Engineer’ at IBM. My genuine interest in the field and my
positive qualities are given its due recognition in my workplace as
they delegated me very important projects. I meticulously monitor the
server and troubleshoot storage and data related issues to keep
critical data safe. I was assigned to drive an important activity
‘Disaster Recovery’, which I efficiently led to success. For
working diligently in bringing out the best results, I won
”Manager’s Choice Award” for the project.

been in the Information technology sector for over 30 months,I have
gained hands-on experience as to how the business
works at grass root level. In my tenure with IBM, I have always
to achieve the best. However, I now feel that it is time for me to
make a transition to have a better understanding of the business side
of things. Not only will that widen my scope of work and give me
functional independence, but will also enable me to be in a
decision-making position,that can impact the corporate sector and
their subsequent stakeholders.

always been an ardent believer of the fact that growth and evolution
is a never-ending process and an individual can only get better with
sustained perseverance. As an individual, I have a strong urge to
contribute to the society and a leap towards management will help me
contribute more. Withal, I wish to pursue this career
and look forward to fulfill my dreams.


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