Over has the role of the Human Resources Manager.

Over the last several decades, many organisations have increasingly evolved from local or national businesses to global enterprises. As their scope increases, these businesses must focus on developing strategies that will help them to become or remain competitive in a global context. As these businesses have evolved, so too has the role of the Human Resources Manager. Modern HRMs can no longer be content to simply carry out traditional transactional roles. Rather, they are increasingly becoming important strategic business partners within the organisation, and they must therefore know how to carry out their responsibilities and support business operations in this new global context.This module will provide you with the tools needed to critically analyse the function of human resource management professionals in effectively operating in global organisations. Specifically, you will closely examine the human resource manager’s responsibility for designing and developing efficient, effective and ethical HR practices in conjunction with organisations’ line managers. You will also focus on developing strategies for developing best practices, building employee relations, facilitating recruitment on both the local and international scale and managing global organisations from an HR perspective.At the conclusion of the module, you will submit a Final Project consisting of a People Plan that advises an organisation on how to build a more global and diverse workforce in order to increase its competitive advantage. You will work on Individual Assignments throughout the module that will contribute to the development of the Final Project, which will be submitted at the conclusion of Unit 6.In addition, throughout the module, you will work on Shared Activities, such as discussions and wiki collaborations, with your colleagues. These activities will help to consolidate your learning in each unit as well as prepare you for your work on the Final Project. At the end of the module, you will also complete a final reflection that synthesises your understanding of managing global organisations.Welcome to Managing Global Organisations!


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