Our Recycling Coalition (NRC), newspaper, corrugated cardboard, magazines, and

Our company is about paper recycling, we recycle waste paper
to processing into a new paper. The paper recycling process involves a
number of steps, including collection, processing into usable raw materials and
finally using that raw material to produce new paper products. If all countries
used our new paper as the raw material, it produces 73
percent less air pollution, 35 percent less water pollution and requires 75
percent less processed energy than the amounts required to produce new paper
production using only virgin wood. However, our purpose is to help people
produces more pollution.

The paper recycling has a number of steps, first we collect
all waste paper into a big collection box. All the
recovered or collected paper waste will get transported
to the paper recycling plant on a collection van or truck. After getting
transported into recycling plants, papers are sorted into different paper
categories. The last on is processing the paper into usable raw material, and this is the main stage in a paper recycling process such as manufacture pulp or mud, Pulp screening and
cleaning, de-inking, refining, decolonizing and bleaching,
and New paper-making. According to the National Recycling
Coalition (NRC), newspaper, corrugated cardboard,
magazines, and mixed paper are four of the ten most important materials to
recycle. The paper recycling rate in the U.S. in 1990 was 33.5 percent. By 2013
and 2014, the rates had increased to 63.5 percent and 65.4 percent respectively and 40 percent of
the landfill is paper and paper materials. The paper recycling rate will
increased more and more, so the market demand of our new paper will be
increased. In addition, we could sell our new paper to some developing
countries, because they do not have enough resources to make paper.

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The difference between our company and others is we are going
to sell our product on network, because the world is information era, people
could find a lot of information from internet. people who want buy our product,
they do not have to come to my factory or story, they only need to order from
our website, and then we will deliver our product to them. Our paper will be
needed newspaper, corrugated cardboard, magazines, and
mixed paper companies. In addition, we might be sell the paper to some developing
counties. We will hire a advertisement company to help us to advertise out
product. Besides, If it is possible we will work will some governments to help
us to advertise our product.

The goal of our company is helping people to reduces
pollution of the world. Our company will collect waste paper to process into
the new paper, therefore the air pollution and water pollution will decrease 73 percent and 35
percent if most countries use our new recycling paper. The industry has been
negatively impacted by depressed global prices and challenges associated with
contamination during the curbside recycling process.


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