Other in small hospitals in the U.S. These hospitals

Other companies that engage in the drone to make
medical deliveries are the BD in collaboration with WeRobotics. With the help
of WeRobotics, BD has come up with a model of drones that help in the diagnosis
of the patient and the collection of the patient’s medical history. The drones
also offer first aid supplies to the people that need them in Peru (Farr,
2017). While WeRobotics was conducting a test of the drones, it demonstrated
that the drones have blood collection kits and other supplies necessary for
emergency solutions neatly fitted to the drones.

According to Mayo Clinic (2017), in the U.S., the drone
companies that aim to use the drones in the delivery of the medical supplies
are carrying out their test in the rural areas due to the regulations of the
Federal Aviation Administration. The regulations bar the use of drones and
other unmanned aerial vehicles from using the American airspace. The use of
drones in the U.S aims at providing help to the programs of disaster relief
where the blood distribution logistics is a great problem (Mayo Clinic 2017).
The supply of blood is limited to once a week in small hospitals in the U.S.
These hospitals depend on large blood centers to supply them with blood (Mayo
Clinic, 2017). This frequency of supply makes the requirement of blood in
emergency cases be a challenge to the hospital. Therefore, the drone companies
in the U.S aim to provide a solution to this problem and cause the small
hospital to get blood in a timely way whenever they need it.

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Given these companies that use and are planning to use
drones in the medical field, one common business model they are operating under
is making emergency deliveries and medical supplies to rural areas and hard to
access areas promptly. Many companies have given focus to the developing
countries where the existing infrastructure and the health care standards are
not elevated. The deliveries made by the drones are first aid kits, and blood
to emergency scenes. Also, other companies use drones to medical supplies to
rural hospitals. Drones are also used to deliver diagnostic samples to
laboratories that are far from the rural places where the samples are
collected. On the other hand, the use of drones is limited by the aviation
rules, which prohibit the flying of unmanned aerial vehicles in some airspaces.


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