ONLINE for efficient processing. Described within the document is

designed primarily for use in the online food order using mobile phone. This
system will allow hotels and restaurants to increase scope of business by
reducing the labor cost involved. The system also allows to quickly and easily managing
an online menu which customers can browse and use to place orders with just few
clicks. Restaurant employees then use these orders through an easy to navigate
graphical interface for efficient processing. Described within the document is
an overall model of the system, outlines of functional and non-functional
requirements, and a detailed description
of the user interface. The purpose of this project is to develop a computerized
and mobilized food ordering that can be used to revolutionize the traditional
ordering android app   that currently
implemented in majority of the food and beverage industry. The traditional system
that using by most of the food and beverage industry is the traditional manual
ordering system which means all works and procedures is recorded through
manpower manual work and it consist of a huge amount of paper work that is not
effective and efficiency.

This online android application enables
the end users to register online, select the food from the e-menu card, read
the E-menu card and order food online. By just selecting the food that the user
want to have. The results after selecting the food from the E-menu card will
directly appear in the screen near the Chef who is going to cook the food for
you. By using this application, the work of the Waiter is reduced and we can
also say that the work is nullified. The benefit of this is that if there is
rush in the Restaurant then there will be chances that the waiters will be
unavailable and the users can directly order the food to the chef online by
using this application. The user will be given a username and a password to

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This cause the business to
encounter trouble which regarding human error due to the huge amount of
manpower manual work that operating in each business routine. Thus, this
computerized and mobilized food ordering android app is designed to assist the
business routine in term of having better management as well as easier to
handle daily business operation.  


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