One mysteries and beauty of life, you let go

One day , I was in my family doctors clinic  waiting for the turn . A girl around 5-6 years was sitting besides me  and was wandering all around clinic. She was innocently chanting and chirping songs , running ,dancing  and  doing everything a child could do . During my conversation with her mother I was shocked to hear that, the chirping girl was suffering from sickle cell disease. The innocent girl was unaware of everything and had numerous reasons to be happy. I guess the child even don’t understand the meaning of sickle cell disease.

Innocence, whenever I hear this word, a cute baby with chubby cheeks flashes in my imagination. I suppose, only babies are innocent. People consider Innocencent adult or aged people as foolish and immature. Is innocence a harmful sect of behavior? Innocence has limitation? Are, only kids are permitted to represent innocence?

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Innocence is basically the quality of ignoring gloom, depression and  unaccept things which bring happiness, joy and smile on face. Is innocence a quality or a curse? Well it depends on the time , person and circunstances. If a businessman is awarded with title INNOCENT then he is definitely incurring a loss because business revolves around advantages …credits and debits.

We are in the period of  were sentiment called INNOCENCE is on verge of annihilation. Every person is vying to become rich and popular by any means, and in some way or other depleting the factors of Emotions,Innocence,sentiments,love, care and trust.

As I mentioned above babies are at peak level of innocence and as we grow maturity hits us and vanquishes innocence. Each day we learn something and come to conclusion everything works on principle of GIVE & TAKE.

It is said believe  innocence has no place in practical and real life. It has become just and theory only seems innocence as in fairy tales and imagination’s .It I really TRUE????

Our soul is best example of term INNOCENCE as after all, it states the most favorable and correct step to be taken but we mostly select the second choice which is easiest but not innocent , isn’t it????

Rendering what actually innocence is..

If you truly care about others, then it will reflect itself through your actions, thoughts, and attitude. It comes from a humble place of unconditional love and acceptance from the core strength of who you are. You choose it. If you are open minded to all of the mysteries and beauty of life, you let go of the judgment’s. If you appreciate the little things and can find happiness and simple or pure authentic joy in a sunset, a rose, or the stars, you can feel it. If you look past people’s scars, the labels, their physical appearances, or even their mistakes and wrong doings. Only then, you are able to recognize them for the enigmatic light that they truly are. That to me is actual innocence.


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