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One of my ultimate goals in life is to be in the public service, to serve my fellow Filipinos in the form of helping our government to annihilate illiteracy and making education accessible to all. In this light, I envision myself working as a teacher in a public high school in this country five years from now. And as an educator, I strongly adhere to the belief that “Learning is a continuous process”. This means that I should be engaged in all forms of activities aimed for continuous professional development. One of those activities that I see and I believe which will help me grow and develop professionally is to enroll in the graduate school. This will enable me to become abreast of new and different trends in education. Also, this will help me relearn those learning theories, principles of learning, best practices in education, and different forms of technology being used to enhance the learning experience of the learners. Additionally, this will enable me to epitomize the culture of life-long long learning in the field of education. Of course, I will not be the only one who will benefit from this, from enrolling myself in the graduate school, but also my future students and the public high school where I will be practicing my profession. I strongly believe that holding an MA in English Language Education will help me contribute to the betterment of the quality of education by emphasizing on the use of English language by the students inside and outside the school. With this, I can help the learners develop their full potential and help them realize their goals in life. While thinking of the impacts that enrolling in this program will bring, I also pondered on the qualities that I possess which will enable me to be considered to my dream MA Program at De La Salle University. One of the qualities that I possess is a passion for excellence. I always strive to excel in whatever task or work I am doing. As a matter of fact, I graduated with flying colors in college. This affirms that I will also succeed in my chosen program for my graduate studies. Additionally, I possess a high level of motivation and I consider every challenge as a stepping stone to success. I am also a good leader and a follower. Moreover, I am also this type of person who can easily adapt to what an environment requires. And when it comes to teaching skills,  I can say with great aplomb that I have been honed to become an effective and efficient teacher. When I execute my work as a teacher, I make sure that this yields best results. It is in this connection that if I am given the chance to be admitted to my desired program, the focal point of my research would be about ” The English Proficiency of High School Students and How to Embellish their Proficiency in English”. As a catalyst of change, I strongly believe that being proficient in English will help students make their dreams in life come true. These, indeed, will all little by little transpire once my prayer to be admitted to my desired program is granted.


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