Once were born his name was MadHouse they didn’t

Once in a magical land of muhacastan Was a hero who didn’t know he was a hero yet his name was Okanogan a hero’s name and there was evil along with the hero his twin but they were separated when they were born his name was MadHouse they didn’t know what he was until 5 years Ago. 5 YEARS AGO As they were born they were separated almost immediately because there was a great force with them that no one has ever felt since the dawn of time what was about 29694 the last time they felt that it was about 29903 AD the religions were still they’re like it was but there were new ones such as MetHanol and Trivalent these worshiped some sort of plant goddes what will come out of the earth in 40000 AD. Back To the Present As the years went past the two grew older and powerful they were both being trained by the older versions of themselves who came back into the past as they finished they’re training they’re older versions of them died off because they were starting to come to the same age as them what they were worried about that because they knew they stayed they’re too long that would happen but they took the risk and ended up dieing. After themselves died they knew it was time to fight but they had to travel to get to the spot of their fight where there would be a huge battle between good and evil  as they both went on their journey they both gained asistents Okanogan gained asistents by the love of his life Jeanene who was a friend since grade school and MadHouse gained asistents by his only son Travis who was to take over his business of ruling the other half of the world and making them tremble before him. As our hero Okanogan traveled to the unknown land of mystery where no one would ever return because of all the monsters and all of the traps that laid their all hope was lost cause Okanogan knew people who have went there and lost their lives to the minotaur that lived in the mountains that would only come out when he knew there was unexpected visitors.        As our hero reached their destination they fell into a trap for which they thought they would never return from as they were stuck they realized there was a lever they could flip but it would close the lava floor they could see the lever vaguely but they had enough light from the lava to see they were stuck on a root that they could swing to but as they did the root slowly grew closer and closer to the lava so they started to climb it took 10 minutes to get to the lever but the root snapped and they plummeted to their doom they thought but the lava was fake it was water and lights.     As they fell into the water they noticed at opening we’re looking we’re leaving but was it was a entrance to a oaisi we’re there’s a fall and a garden Okanogan and his beloved both said this must be a secret garden.    The treasure of their dreams a place where no one would go no one would find them in a secret garden but as they were focused on it they were ambushed by madhouse he was Ferris with the mani tar he didn’t kill them so he killed it.   The result in that was the battle had started the fight between them two was a Travesty the garden was destroyed the brother on their last breath 1 hit on either of them would kill them okanogan told jenell to hit him with his sword but couldn’t and hit him instead.    As he laid they’re soulless he spoke and said god is with me and I shall not fall to a trader he got up and stuck both but to only know that wasn’t the end of it he shall return later but doesn’t know how.


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