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March 26th, 1874, in San Francisco, California, an artist destined
for greatness was born. This child would eventually grow into one of the most
memorable and celebrated poets of all time. His name was Robert Frost. Halfway
around the world and 115 years later, a boy with similar gifts and ideals came
into this world. On September 8, 1989, in Stockholm, Sweden, Tim Bergling, better
known by his stage name “Avicii,” was born. While Tim is best known for his
pulsing electronic dance music that captivates entire arenas, Robert writes
poetry with a flowing grace that carries readers into another dimension.

Although their births are more than century apart, their inspiration and work
coincide in the same realm. Both Tim and Robert derive inspiration from the
nature around them. From a broad perspective, poetry and electronic dance music
do not have any similar parts: they seem to be on opposite sides of the art
spectrum. Where they do match is within the artists themselves. In this case,
the inspiration of the artist is what brings both Avicii and Robert Frost

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            Growing up in Sweden, Tim Bergling
had no shortage of inspiration. From the natural fjords, to the towering
snow-capped mountains, the Scandinavian countries have long been known for their
natural beauty. During his early years, Tim would spend his time fishing,
hiking, and skiing, always immersing himself in nature. By the age of 18 Tim
slipped away from these activities and began to spend more and more time in
front his laptop producing remixes and original songs on the FL Studio
application. In an interview with Maxumi,
Tim Bergling discusses how he became acquainted with music production:


broke into the popular electronic dance music scene in 2010, with his original
song “Bromance,” which charted in multiple countries. In 2012, he became one of
the world’s best DJs and record producers (ranked at #3 by DJMAG). During his rise to fame, the majority of his original songs
featured stereotypical electronic sounds including saw-tooth synthesizers and
electronic drum kits. In 2013, Avicii made his way back towards his acoustic
and natural roots, when he released the song “Wake Me Up,” which features
acoustic guitars and drum sets. In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Avicii describes why switched from
electronic dance music to a more acoustic music genre:


Avicii has a wholesome approach to music and not the commercialized world that
surrounds it. This interview shows that the money and the fame is not what
inspires Avicii, but rather the music itself that inspires him.

            In 2016, these feelings pushed
Avicii to retire from touring in order to find himself and to connect back with
his outdoor roots. Since his final show, one can find Avicii exploring many
parts of the world, with one trip specifically taking him into the heart of the
Amazonian jungle to find inspiration for his newest album, “Avici.” On Avicii’s
social media accounts there are countless pictures of nature reserves both in
America and overseas. This dedication to the outdoors displays the inspiration
that Avicii receives from nature and the natural world.

            Crossing over to a whole new style
of art, Robert Frost spent most of his early life in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

His family was forced to uproot their lives in San Francisco and move across
the country with his grandfather William Frost Sr. Growing up in Lawrence,
Robert was exposed to much of the beauty of the north-eastern states. This is
reflected directly in his poetry as the majority of his poetry revolves around
nature. An excerpt from a 1966 LA Times
article describes Frost’s early life:


competitive nature shown in this excerpt, pushed him to become the best poet he
could be. This quest began as Robert started to write poetry during his high
school career publishing multiple poems in his school’s newspaper, and eventually
published his first poem professionally in 1894. One year later in 1895, Robert
proposed to Elinor White, who he subsequently married. As a gift for their
marriage, Robert’s grandfather bought them a farm in Derry, New Hampshire. It
was there that Robert Frost would write many of the nature poems that he would
one day become famous for.

            Both Avicii and Robert Frost, have
had lives immersed in nature. It is within these experiences that both Tim and
Robert derive their inspiration. On one hand Robert Frost is very direct with
this inspiration, writing a multitude of poems on the topic of nature. In an
excerpt from the poem Birches, Robert
Frost describes the image and motion of birches and creates a beautiful image
of a snowy forest scene:


this excerpt, Frost’s time and experience in nature influences his ability to
depict the elegant presence of birches and the forest-life around them. This is
a pure example of how nature directly influenced the work of Robert Frost.

            On the other hand, Avicii keeps his
inspiration discrete within the songs that he writes and produces. Often times,
the music itself has absolutely no relation to the natural world. For the most
part, lyrics to Avicii’s revolve around the human heart and human experiences.

Usually, you will see his inspiration within his album artwork. One example of
this is the cover to “Avici” which depicts a gold tree surrounded in all
directions by mountains. This beautiful album cover shows the relationship that
Avicii has with nature within his heart, as he dedicates his newest album cover
to nature itself. In addition, many of the videos for Tim Bergling’s songs
depict nature scenes. Specifically, the lyric video for the song “Wake Me Up”
depicts multiple picturesque scenes of mountains, fields, and rivers. From his
album artwork and music videos, Avicii allows his audience to see his

            Even though at a glance it seems
quite obvious that both Robert Frost and Avicii are influenced by nature, Robert
Frost is also influenced by his depression and his life struggles.

an excerpt from World Literature Today,
a description of Frost’s hardship is described:


excerpt shows the audience how Frost struggled with hardship after hardship. It
was times like these that inspired Frost to escape to his poetry to write truly
masterful pieces.

            From Tupac, to Picasso, to Avicii,
to Robert Frost, there is inspiration behind every artist’s art. In the case of
Avicii and Robert Frost, there is an overlap in their inspiration: they are
both inspired by nature. Whether Avicii is trekking through the jungles of
Peru, or Robert Frost is spending time on his farm observing nature, artists
will always find a way to inspire themselves. Looking into the lives of Avicii
and Robert Frost, no one would guess that two extremely different individuals
would have very similar inspirations.

































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