On 1881 to 1885. Together they had two kids,

  On October 13 1885, Louis Riel was killed by an officer of the Crown. Louis Riel was killed when he was found guilty of committing treason by creating two rebellions against Pprime Mminister John A. Macdonald and also for killing Thomas Scott who was employed by the Canadian Government as a surveyor during the Red River Rebellion.   Louis Riel was born October 22 1844 in Saint-Boniface, Red River Settlement. He grew up in a family with Louis Riel Sr., his father and Julie Lagimodiere, his mother and his ten siblings. He went to College de Montreal from 1858 to 1865. Louis Riel was a Canadian politician and a teacher. One of his biggest accomplishments is being known as the founder of the province of Manitoba. He was the leader of the Metis people of the Canadian Prairies. He led two rebellions against John A. Macdonald and sought to preserve Metis right and culture.    Louis Riel, was married to Marguerite Monet from 1881 to 1885. Together they had two kids, a daughter,Marie-Angelique Riel,  and a son, Jean-Louis Riel. Louis Riel will be remembered by his family and the Metis people.   Some may say that Louis Riel was a bad man, which is a false statement. If one is to look at his actions from a European-Canadian point of view you may think he did some harm which in fact he did not. Louis Riel fought ferociously for his people and their beliefs, and eventually surrendered to the Government when his people started suffering from the rebellion. One may call Louis Riel a murderer, for killing Thomas Scott. But Louis Riel gave Thomas Scott, when captured,  many opportunities to be free if he swore never to bother the Metis people again, but Thomas denied that offer. Thomas would often call the metis people rude names like, dirty half breeds.  Louis Riel was a loving father and husband, and a strong compassionate leader who fought bravely for the rights of his people.


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