offers enhance my career and professional goals. I am

offers a wide variety of in-depth courses that create a transformational educational experience for our students. To view the complete list of courses you’ll take while pursuing a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, check out the Academic Catalog:Electrical Engineering, M.S.The
telecommunications and networking industry has evolved to become an epicenter
for growth and innovation for virtually any industry. With an ever-increasing networking and
telecommunications dependent population worldwide, can engineering principles
be stretched beyond limits to discover new, faster and more scalable means of
wireless communication in challenging environments? What does the future hold for high- speed optical communication in the optical transport network and
the prospects of the
incredible speeds of the 5th generation wireless systems? It is questions as these that drives me to pursue
a Masters of Science degree in Electrical engineering in a renowned institution
as the University of New Haven. I have had the privilege to learn about
your excellent masters’ program during my undergraduate studies and more
recently through an industry expert and an alumnus of your institution and I am
very impressed with the opportunities that would be afforded me within your
program which will greatly enhance my career and professional goals. I am
really fascinated by courses in the program, as they match perfectly with my career interests and
would prepare me adequately for professional practice in the telecommunications
industry. Growing up
in the Technological Hub of Nigeria, Lagos. I was always intrigued and
fascinated by how engineering principles
were applied in the manufacture of communication devices and how systems
geographically separated could share information. My inquisitiveness resulted
in many electrocutions and not to mention, damaged devices. As I grew older I
began to put things in perspective and it wasn’t long before it was crystal
clear that I had the potentials for a successful career in this field. In a
short while, I took charge of all
electronics installation and basic repairs at home. This in combination with a
predilection for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry fueled my passion to study
Electrical/Electronic Engineering as an undergraduate degree. I studied
Electrical and Electronic engineering courses for the last three years of my
undergraduate studies. I have been fascinated at how well integrated all
aspects of the course are from electrical networks through digital
communications, telecommunication principles, computer programming, computer architecture and organization. I
graduated within the top 10% of my class in the Department of
Electrical/Electronic Engineering, University
of Benin with a Second Class upper Honors (4.14/5). During my undergraduate
days, I had the opportunity to lead and develop my leadership skills on many
fronts. I was the class representative of my class and also represented the
faculty at the Student union Government parliament and was also an executive in
the National Society of Black Engineers Uniben Chapter, these afforded me with
the opportunities to develop my interpersonal relationship skills with people
at various levels, ability to meet deadlines, multi-tasking, time management
and communication skills. In the midst of these responsibilities, I was able to
allocate ample time to my studies with dedication and passion. I underwent an
Industrial Trainee in my fourth year in DAAR Communications PLC, Nigeria where
I gained some industry experience on transmission
of Television and radio broadcast signal and industry work ethics. This
exposure aroused in me a strong passion for telecommunications and Networking.
I took an extensive training on Networking with the National Institute of
Information Technology (NIIT) which culminated in the award of a certificate in
Cisco Network Administration. I represented my department at various
competitions and conferences, this afforded me the opportunity to further
strengthen my presentation and communication skills. I recently completed my
National service in 2017 with Benin electricity Distribution company, a company
in charge of electricity distribution in Delta, Edo, Ekiti and Ondo states in Nigeria. I am currently working as a Field
service Data Engineer with Globacom Limited Nigeria, a top telecommunication
company in Nigeria, this has provided me with hands-on
experience with Base-Station Subsystem Network elements like BSC, BTS, NodeB,
RF antennas, Microwave transmission radios. I am proficient in Configuration
and Troubleshooting of Radio access networks, RF and microwave transmission. I am passionate about information technology, conversant
with Network technologies and well exposed to the telecommunications industry. I
am hardworking, team-oriented and a goal getting individual. I believe with the
right attitude and mindset anything and everything is achievable. I am confident
that I am adequately prepared for the challenges in new academic frontiers in
your masters’ degree program.  In attaining a Masters of science degree in
Electrical engineering from the prestigious University of New Haven, I hope to
improve myself professionally by getting an in-depth knowledge of
telecommunication concepts, mechanisms of operation and design of various
communications Network elements to complement on my present knowledge,
making me better poised to meet the demands of an ever-evolving telecommunications
industry. The professional graduate Degree will avail me the opportunity to
network with the best-brains and top experts in the industry, improving my
research, interaction and writing skills and also my command of the English language. It would give me a universal
perspective to life,mature and cultural diversity. I believe the Masters degree will make me better suited for
jobs that require excellent academic qualifications as well as a solid
technical knowledge, as I would be opportune
to use and become exposed to novel, up to date, state of the art equipment and
technologies and also be acquainted with recent developments in the industry. After researching your curriculum and speaking
with some of my lecturers, I consider University of New Haven a fertile ground on which the cornerstone of my career path
to becoming a world-renowned expert would
 The Master of Science in Electrical
engineering program would set me on the pathway to fulfilling
my long-term ambition of becoming a consultant and highly resourceful
expert in the telecommunications industry, contributing to the development of
ground-breaking technologies. The program has a well-structured curriculum with
courses such as Networking I and II, Wireless
communications, Microwave engineering, Optical Fiber communications, Digital communications
I and II, to mention but a few, which are a
perfect match for my career interests and the skill set required. The program
will afford me the opportunity to be tutored by an outstanding faculty with a
myriad of award-winning academicians, with state of the art facilities, up-to-date
technologies and practical
application of such in case field scenarios in all aspects of Telecommunications
Engineering with particular interest in 5G Wireless Systems, high-speed optical communication and Computer Networks.
The department has strong affiliations with the top
Information technology and telecommunication companies in the industry. I am
also fascinated that the program at University of Haven integrates
excellently, academic experience with professional, on the job-experience
allowing for a smooth transition of students into the industry and also
enabling them to secure professional licenses for the engineering practice. 

I firmly
believe that I have the intellect, skills and
talents necessary to excel in the masters degree program. My passion to
contribute to the advancement of Engineering in an ever-evolving technological world especially continues to drive me
to succeed and to accomplish my goals. I look forward to the opportunity to
visit your institution. Thank you for considering my candidacy. 

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