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? How to protect these treats?i. SSL Certificate Services: In an e-commerce site, customer information must be transmitted in a secure environment. SSL is used as a kind of program layer for this purpose. It allows secure transfer of confidential information between the client and server, and allows this information to be decrypted only at the correct addresses. The addresses of web sites that provide secure data transfer begin with https, indicating that an accurate and secure environment for transferring the information is provided.ii. Firewalls: The overall protection of the firewall is to control incoming and outgoing packet traffic. Traffic network can be kept under control thanks to built-in filtering operations. As a result ; Firewall is a security measure to prevent attacks on e-commerce sites.iii. 3D Secure: It is a security measure that requires you to enter your password into your phone when the banks have provided and you will be paid with credit cards. With this security measure, credit card information can not be used by anyone other than the card owner.iv. PCI DSS: PCI DSS stands for “Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standard”. PCI DSS’s purpose is to provide card information security in credit card payment systems. This system was developed by the PCI Committee, which was created by international credit card providers such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Financial Services and JCB International. PCI DSS establishes the criteria and requirements that must be done by card issuers to ensure card information security.1. Security issues surrounding online shoppingThe failure of digital payments, including the ability of a customer to make a credit / debit card, internet banking, or one of several digital wallets that exist today, is of great importance when online transactions are taking place. With a break in the Internet connection or a technical glitch, payment is usually received but it does not appear on the customer’s account and the e-commerce site’s order department can not see it, but the merchant’s account is paid. Sometimes it can take a long time to get a refund for this payment. Before sending over the Internet, you need to be sure that your card details are securely encrypted for this you need to look for an unbroken key or lock icon under your browser window, or you need to check the website address that should start with ”https://” rather ”http://”. The web site you are shopping for should also contain information on sending conditions and costs, the currencies you accept and the taxes to be applied, if not this may cause problems wtih your shopping.     2.    The major electronic payment issue and optionThis type of issues calumniate your site’s reputation. As I metioned before, there are many different ways to sabotage a website in any condition and electronic payment is one of the issues which effects all customers of yours most. As Eran Feinstein mentioned there are few issues that you can face during your payment stage of your shopping. For example, according to ”Chargeback Fraud”,  some may try defraud you while doing chargeback. No matter how much you gave for a product, you need to be in a trustworthy transaction to get your money back. In my opinion, this part of the shopping is the most important part because it is our personal right to give back a product we do not like and doing so.”Chargebacks, in addition to being costly, can damage business reputations; an excessive number of chargebacks can lead to closed merchant accounts, effectively killing the business. While chargebacks do sometimes happen for legitimate reasons, use of customer service practices based on know-your-customer principles, and merchant accessibility, can substantially reduce or eliminate chargebacks.” (Feinstein,2017)To avoid this you need to be careful about what I mentioned before. Costumers should be aware of the situations and should follow the right instruction which is given below.


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