OCD demonstrate:- A. Time management techniques B. Anger management





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1- Which of the following is an example of OCD when it occurs many times daily?

(which of the following symptoms may present in OCD format )


A.    Echopraxia.

B.     Hair pulling or skin picking.

C.     Hearing voices .

D.    Clothes folding.






2- A patient is continually carrying a toothbrush, and will brush and floss up to fifty times each day. The nurse provider understands that the patient’s behavior is an attempt to accomplish which of the following?


A.    Experience pleasure.

B.     Promote oral health.

C.     Neutralize anxiety.

D.    Auditory hallucination.




3- Which of the following defense mechanisms may be observed in a patient diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)?


A.    Regression.

B.     Projection.

C.     Denial.

D.    Undoing.








4- Which of the following medication is the(drug of choice that used to treat OCD)best use to treat OCD?

A.    A typical Anti-Psychotic.

B.     SSRI.

C.     Benzodiazepine.

D.    Mood stabilizer.


5- Which of the following is not a part of OCD (considered a type of OCD)?

A.    Ordering.

B.     Contamination.

C.     Hoarding.

D.    Regression.









6- A client is newly diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and spends 55 minutes rearranging clothes in drawers. Which nursing intervention would best address this client’s problem?

A. Distract the client with other activities whenever ritual behaviors begin.
B. Report the behavior to the psychiatrist to obtain an order for medication dosage increase.
C. Lock the room to discourage ritualistic behavior.
D. Discuss the anxiety-provoking triggers that precipitate the ritualistic behaviors.





7- A patient who is admitted to the psychiatric unit with a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder spends a significant amount of time during the day and night washing his or her hands. The nurse knows that the most appropriate nursing intervention is to:-

A.    Acknowledge the ritualistic behavior to eliminate the stress.

B.     Allow the patient to carry out the ritualistic behavior.

C.     Collaborate with the patient to reduce the amount of time engaging in ritualistic behavior.

D.   Ignore the ritualistic behaviors, and the behaviors will be eliminated due to lack of reinforcement.


8- The initial care plan for a patient who with OCD performing things 5 times respectively is:-

A.    Provide the patient with negative re-enforcement each time performing such king of behaviors.

B.     Structure patient daily schedule.

C.     Place the patient in seclusion room thinking about the consequence of his behavior.

D.    Use a contract that the patient will promise he will not repeat such behaviors in the next 3 hours.


9- While taking care for a patient diagnosed with OCD it is important to help the patient to demonstrate:-

A.    Time management techniques

B.     Anger management techniques

C.     Communication skills

D.    Defense mechanism techniques


10- Which assessment should the nurse include while performing flooding therapy with patient diagnosed with OCD contamination type?

1.      History of heart attack

2.      History of muscle spasm

3.      History of aggression

4.      History of substance misuse

5.      History of asthma


A.    1+4

B.     2+5

C.     2+3

D.    1+5

11- 34 years old patient diagnosed with OCD since 7 years is admitted to al masarah hospital with depressive symptoms, during the first two days the nurse note that the patient is avoiding contacting others, spending most of his time in bed, refusing his medication and meals as well as ignoring his self-care, the nurse should recognize that this patient requers to

A.    Activate safety precaution measures

B.     Urgent ECT

C.     PRN dose of SSRI medication

D.    Urgent behavioral therapy session





12- Which of the following is the best in working with 29 years old patient who is diagnosed with OCD and is admitted to the hospital for the first time?


A.    Being not judgmental on patient behaviors.

B.     Deny patient compulsive behaviors.

C.     Provide patient with positive reinforcement for compulsive behaviors.

D.    All of the above are true.


13- While taking care for  (of) 23 years patient diagnosed with OCD, a student nurse should keep in mind to:-  

A.    Acknowledge the patient demonstration of more adaptive coping strategies

B.     Reassure the patient with stopping technique

C.     Advice the patient with flooding technique

D.    Encourage the patient with Overt Sensitization technique




14- Ahmad is a nursing student who is taking care for the patient diagnosed with OCD contaminated type, while the Ahmed is performing his assessment the patient feel shame of his obsession and start crying, in which way Ahmad should react (which of the following statement considered the best response by Ahmad) ?

A.    Holding the patient hand while keeping silent

B.     Ask the patient about his daily schedule

C.     Leave the patient alone, then inform the staff to administrate a PRN dose of anti- anxiety medication

D.    Give the patient the time to cry to neutralize this anxiety


15- 34 years old patient diagnosed with OCD since 2 years, he has fear of being on contact with others and object and getting some serious diseases, he used to use several type of cleaning material to wash his hand and cleaning things, now he is scheduled for behavioral therapy with implosion, the nurse should understand the before doing such procedure the patient should provide with:-

A.    Blood and urine culture to detect any infection

B.     Consent form

C.     Brain CT scan to detect any brain abnormality

D.    Muscle relaxant to decrease the patient aggressiveness while performing this procedure






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