Nowadays, role in human life. Every country always pays

Nowadays, people are aware
that education plays an important role in human life. Every country always pays
a lot of attention on enhancing the quality of education. It is not denied that
the online and distance learning has increased in popularity among college or
university students with both advantages and disadvantages compared to
traditional learning. One thing is clear that online class is on the rise and
will only continue to grow. Online learning has several differences compared to
traditional one in term of flexibility, participation, self-motivation and
social interaction.

The biggest benefit of online
education is the flexibility to students. This is the best option for those who
have busy schedules and social responsibility. Online learning allows students
can go to work or learn but not depend on any fixed schedules. They have a right
to design their suitable timetables which is convenience for them. Most online
courses will give course materials, online lecture and assignment on the
website and it is easier for learners to approach at a time that works best for
students, especially working adults who is required higher education from their
organizations because of competition in job market in this century.

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Furthermore, with one of
outstanding point is being cutting costs, distance learning is more and more
attracted from students because online courses are much cheaper than
traditional classes. For examples, in the US, many universities such as
Phoenix, Kaplan and Devry do not have fixed facilities but they still provide
their students a high quality of education with external online data sources.
Students bring the classroom from college or universities settings to their
houses or workplaces. It allows learners the privilege of pursuing their study
path without the inconvenience of travelling to campus.

The second difference between
two types of learning is participation. Students believes that coming to class
and participate classroom’s activities is the best way to get a high grade.
However, not everyone feels confident when going to school. For instance,
disabled students realize that they have many difficulties to attend class.
Moreover, there are some gaps between students because of different gender,
race or appearance. Therefore, they have inferiority complex inside themselves.
In these cases, many students feel more comfortable when they take online
courses. One more benefit that online learning bring to learners is that they
can apply the knowledge which they just have learned to their current work.
This is the best way to practise and remember. Thousand of students are earning
their degrees with little or no participation.

On the other hand, it can be
denied that traditional class are always be the good choice. Because
traditional learning let students attend to professional lectures in class and
allow students to communicate to their teachers and their peers. Face-to-face
method gives students an environment to learn with the others, do presentation
and live speaking. This is a great chance for students help the other getting
higher results.

The third contrastive thing is
the interaction. With the online courses, learners still interact with
instructors and peers regularly, but that is a modern type of interaction in
the era of online communication through high-end technology such as video chat,
discussion posts or teleconference. Online students are very active and
confident in interacting with the others.

In spite of technological
development, traditional learning is also a better option for those who need
face-to-face interaction and stay motivated. When going to school, learners
will have more opportunities to make friends and social relationships. However,
traditional classes are often so crowded, it is sometimes preventing students
from being freedom to ask questions or discuss in front of classes. Therefore,
it may have negative effects on your performance.

The final difference should be
considered is the self-motivation or self-discipline. It is hard to stay on
track if student those can not be strict for themselves. The flexibility of
online education sometimes make student become lazy from the comfort of their
home because of no professors’ checking. 
That is why online learners should have highly self-motivation and
create a obvious strategies for their own study plan and stay away from other
distraction. If students overcome these difficulties, they will gain many
valuable skills in your work, be self-aware and disciplined.

Online classes some teachers
don’t require a test in their online classes since it’s online and the teacher
knows the students will use their books. Instead they have them do more papers
or homework assignments which shows the teacher they are doing their work.
Online classes let the students take responsibility for their own leaning more
than traditional instructional approaches, but some students have a hard time
learning if they are not being pushed to study for the tests and do the

On contrary, traditional
education also have its advantage because instructors will keep students on
task. In the class, instructors will give more class assignments and
activities, so that they can see who need helps to improve knowledge, they will
pay more attention on these students.

In conclusion, both online
and traditional learning methods have their own benefits and drawbacks for
students. But in this busy life, online education is outstanding because of
cutting costs and flexibility. Furthermore, this method combines advanced
technology and online data resources which support many people to access the
latest knowledge updated. Students do not spend a lot of money on buying
textbooks. It allows instructors and students connect to each other quickly and
effectively without being hampered by geographical locations.





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