Now, a difference to your life and to the

Now, is you
who can decide and say ‘Stop’ depending on technology and become wiser and make
a difference to your life and to the next generation. I tried my best to show
you what technology can do for us “good and bad”, but we must think
what we will do in future if we at this time depend so much on technology, what
are we going to do in a couple of years?  Consider it. Let’s roll out an improvement,
lets change our way of doing things, lets live a good life and become more
active rather than just letting the machines doing the jobs for us and depending
on wires. We can’t give this to our children, we must show them we are smart,
and this is how we want them to be, using their ‘Brains’.  In the end our brains created the machines and
people are more intelligent than any other machine, robots or any other form of
technology in the world, because people are the creators of all of them. So, we
shouldn’t depend on technology because we have it all in our brains. Isn’t this


On the other
hand, the advancement of current technology has impediments, for instance,
reliance on technology. Man, never again needs to think. Regardless of whether
the adding machine is a decent creation, man never again makes mental
estimation and never again works his memory. The decrease of human capital
suggests an expansion in joblessness. In a few regions, gadgets can supplant
the human personality, more work is finished by machines, people become more
lethargic, Self-destructive
because of Cyber bulling, passing’s (auto crashes-people talk on the phone
while driving), Weight gain – absence of activity, people become isolated from
society because they find themselves in the computer-that’s is all they have- and
feel good using apps such as Facebook, twitter which makes youngsters feel
extraordinary fulfilled, hiding their true feelings behind a computer.

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How about we
see evidently what are the advantages and the risks of using too much technology
and see where are establishing ourselves. To start with, the advancement of technology is useful to
people for a few reasons. At the therapeutic level, technology can help treat
more wiped out individuals and thusly spare many lives and battle exceptionally
hurtful infections and microbes, the invention of the PC was an essential
point. Correspondence is in this manner upgraded, organizations can convey more
effortlessly with outside nations. Technology has additionally expanded the profitability of
relatively every industry on the planet, technology enhances day by day lives;
permitting to move physical capacity units to virtual capacity banks and that’s
just the beginning.          Researchers
of the time are likewise ready to send space travellers to the moon because of
technology. In the
advanced mechanical world, machines do the greater part of the rural and modern
work and thus, laborers deliver considerably more merchandise than a century
prior and work less. They have more opportunity to exercise and work in more
secure conditions. I can say such many different advantages technology conveys
yet I need to stop here because I believe is sufficient to influence somebody
to acknowledge technology is making an incredible job, although I believe there
is nobody thinking technology isn’t extremely useful.


is extremely gainful for everybody although there are many drawbacks of it.
With a specific end goal to profit by it we must be astute and use it in a way
that doesn’t hurt somebody, first is about your persona, and is about your
wellbeing and your cerebrum (a part of the brain is affected if you use too
much technology).



Today, there
are more than 80,000 instruction applications accessible for download through
Apple’s App Store; 72 % of those are gone for little children and
pre-schoolers. Yet, while guardians and application engineers have clearly
grasped the tech training insurgency, a current report by the OECD demonstrates
that the connection amongst technology and instructive execution is dim, best
case scenario. The OECD found that crosswise over more than 40 nations,
understudies who utilize PCs for schoolwork—however for a marginally beneath
normal measure of time—have a tendency to improve the situation than normal on
perusing exams. Understudies who spend a better than expected measure of time
on a PC at school performed more awful on a similar test, scoring lower than
understudies who don’t utilize PCs by any stretch of the imagination.
Technology isn’t a silver shot. How supportive it is relies upon how you


I am
conscious that we need technology, but these two words ‘we need’, tell as
everything about how much we depend on technology. When you need something it
means you need it for surviving and to manage daily activities. To proof
society depends excessively on technology simply envision what might you do in
the event that you lost your telephone for a day, I am certain the vast
majority encountered the dread of battery biting the dust, is colossal. What
about if the internet is down? Shouldn’t something be said about if the
internet is down? Particularly in workplaces, there is no hope, everybody is
allowed to go home, because nothing can be done. This is how we are now a days,
depending on ‘Wires’. It can sound satisfying for some of us but is not. Relaying
your future on something constructed with wires, is that satisfying? 


Yes, we all
are in the same boat. We love this idea of depending on technology, we struggle
to survive without our phone, computer and so on. Isn’t it? You can see
anywhere you go people being hooked by their mobiles and if you try to open a
conversation or asking for help from someone you will be ignored because they
don’t pay attention to people but to their phones instead.


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