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Norwich is the county town of Norfolk. The city lies in East
Anglia, on the River Wensum. It is situated approximately 161 km north-east of
London. During the Middle Ages until the Industrial Revolution, the city was
the largest city in England, after London and one of the most significant city.
As per the 2011 Census, the urban area of Norwich had a population of 213,166
which extends beyond the city boundary. According to 2011 census, the total
population of Norwich is 132,512 whereas the population of the Norwich Travel
to Work Area is 282,000, estimated in mid of 2009. In the East of England, the
city stands fourth in the list of most densely populated local government
district with 3,480 people per square kilometer. Norwich was designated England’s
first UNESCO City of Literature in May 2012.


Norwich has five special schools and 13 secondary schools,
out of which 11 are academies. The city also has 56 primary schools which include
free schools and 16 academies. There are eight independent schools in the city,
two of which are Norwich High School for Girls and Norwich School. The Norwich University of the Arts and the University of East Anglia are the two universities
in Norwich. The student populace of Norwich is approximately 15,000. Many students
come from overseas for studies, constituting the student population of Norwich
to be around 15,000. In 1963, The University of East Anglia was established by
Angus Wilson and Malcolm Bradbury whose graduates include Kazuo Ishiguro and
Ian McEwan. The university lies on the outskirts of the city and is popular for
its creative-writing programme. The Norwich University of the Arts dates back
to 1845 as Norwich School of Design, established in order to provide designers
for local industries. It was founded by followers and artists of the Norwich School
art movement.

 City College Norwich,
Access to Music and Easton and Otley College are three further education
colleges in Norwich. City College Norwich was established in 1891 and is
located on Ipswich road. It is one of the largest colleges in England. Access to Music is specialised in creative
education and industry-focused popular music. It is situated on Magalen Street
at Epic Studios. Easton and Otley College, situated 11 km west of the city and
its campuses lies in East and Anglia.

Culture and

In England, Norwich was the site of the first provincial library
which was opened in 1608. The city was the first city which implemented the
Public Libraries Act 1850. In 1701, The Norwich Post, which was the first provincial
newspaper outside London, was first published. The Norwich School of artists
was the first provincial art movement. Julian of Norwich’s Revelations of
Divine Love which was published in 1395, was the first book written in the
English language by a woman. In Today’s date, Norwich is a regional hub for
publishing. As per the year 2012’s estimation, 5 per cent of the UK’s
independent publishing sector was based in the city. In the year 2006, Norwich
became the UK’s first city of Refugee, part of the International Cities of
Refuge Network (ICORN) which encourages free speech.

Norwich is a famous destination site for a city break. The city is among UK’s top 10
shopping destinations. Colman’s Mustard Shop and Museum, Norwich Castle, The
Forum, Dragon Hall and Cow Tower are few attraction points of the city. The
Norfolk and Norwich Festival celebrates the arts every year and attracts
visitors into the city from all over eastern England. The theatres of Norwich
provide a wide variety of programmes and ranges in capacity from 100 to 1,300
seats. There are numerous significant museums which enlighten the rich history of the city and of Norfolk. The city is
the headquarters of BBC East. BBC Look East, inside Out and The Politics and
BBC Radio Norfolk are all broadcast from BBC studios in The Forum.


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