Noble a The model of social stratification which was

Noble Concept of
stratification which has evolved to be a

The model of social
stratification which was devised to serve a noble cause has evolved to be a
system which is hindering the development. We can say it has failed to serve
its purpose efficiently. It could be said that it has become obsolete. Developed
(came into being) in the ancient times when the population was low, societal
complexity was relatively simpler but with time everything has changed, with
such diversity in population the complexity has manifolded. 

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People love to hate.
Divinity has a history as a medium of gaining legitimacy for acts of selfish
motives, breeding violence communal and intra communal conflicts, jihads,
expanding tentacles of Islamic states are all attributable to faith based on
hatred not only that the societal barriers are no separate parts.

Those who have forsaken
logic and made violence and hatred seek to spread footprints through imposition
not assimilation.  Invocation of the
divine in this is what becomes ideological basis of such acts of inhumanity. Those
who acquiesce to these are at fault equally as those who espouse these doctrines.

Our way of life constantly
confronts us with choices and we must choose our path keeping in mind our duty
to do what is right. Our quest for the truth which emerges from our duty to do
the right requires introspection, analysis of the problem, having a dialogue
before we act. All these have been the core of the way of life in the Hindustan
since ages which imbibe tolerance as a philosophical tenet and allows for
diversity of thought, being the reason for the survival over millennia. All
these have lost their paths, have failed as parts of humanity. Krishna did not
represent any faith during the discourse between him and Arjuna on the battlefield
at Kurukshetra. he symbolizes perfection, some may name it as instigation but
his act was of persuasion through logic for Arjuna to do his duty.

Difference in ideologies/disagreement
ignites conflicts.


The Constitution endows
us with a plethora of ammunitions to safeguard ourselves but it’s up to us (individual
conscience) whether we use it as a weapon or tool. It provides us with so much
of freedom but are we truly free?


Mr. Barack Obama in his
recent visit to India said, ‘For a country like India where there is a Muslim
population that is so successful, integrated and considers itself as Indians
which is not the case in some other countries, this should be nourished and
cultivated’ while the Special marriage act 1954 (Hadiya case), love-jihad,
Hindutva, majoritarianism squally-ing in the air. He rightly said that ‘a
country should not be divided on sectarian lines. People see the differences
between each other much vividly and miss the commonalities; emphasizing on the
importance of traditions and identity but are not inconsistent with respecting
others and being tolerant of them’.

Every aspect of one’s
life is sought by the norms of some ‘some’ forces, everything we do is circumscribed
through the identity of a certain cultural mindset.


If we see the whole
humanity in ourselves, as the torchbearer to the humanity would we like the condition
we’re in? The answer may vary though we’re enriched with consumerism and materialism
the negatives are more prominent than the positives.

As of me I endorse none of
the ideologies except for humanity. The way we deal with it would determine the
way forward for the mankind, we cannot afford to lose because we won’t be
getting a second chance. Rouse yourself and the ones around you for life is
short, worldly vanities are transient, but they alone live who live for others,
the rest are more dead than alive. Be not afraid of anything, a far greater
work is this sacrifice of yourself for the benefit of others, the whole of
humanity.  All the power is within us, we
can do anything and everything. So, let’s be the change instead for waiting for
the change to come.

I have a lot of faith in my country and so in my fellow youngsters with
blood full of fire and enthusiasm. Each having a glorious future with eternal
power lodged in each soul, we’ll march to every land under the sun preaching
the ideas of our forefathers and before long our idea will conquer the whole
world as the Vedic verse goes ” It is the young, the strong and the health of
sharp intellect that will reach the lord”. 


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