No first amendment as the most important amendment out

No matter your political beliefs or opinions on it the fact is without the first amendment we wouldn’t have the right to say what we want, publish what we think, or worship what we believe. 58% of Americans still see the first amendment as the most important amendment out of all 27 of them.  Even so, probably the highest contested of all the amendments is the first one, more specifically Freedom of Religion. Throughout our country’s history there has been multiple debates on its boundaries such as the removal of the “under God” slogan on our money and the swearing into congress on a bible. All pondering where to draw the line on people’s right to religion and others rights to no religion. The right to practice the religion you believe is just as important as the right to not practice one at all. Which is why the government should never hold enough power to force American to violate their religious beliefs because of their constitutional right and the importance of religion to everyday Americans as their guide for life.  Freedom is the American way. It’s the stereotypical truth that has engulfed the way we live as Americans. Everyone agrees that the America today would not be the same without the principle of freedom, but where we disagree is where the rights stop. Which includes freedom of religion simply spelt out by our founding fathers in the constitution. When challenged the supreme court has ruled in favor of religious freedom. In 2014 the Supreme Court ruled that the Obama administration could not force Hobby Lobby to provide birth control as part of their insurance plan if it violated their religious beliefs. Vice versa in 1948 the Supreme Court ruled that Public Schools could not teach religious instruction in school and a separation of church and state. As is shown the government and the supreme court both agree that someone cannot be forced to do something against their beliefs no matter what side you fall on.Religion is something that in a truly free society cannot be messed with. To most it is the core value of their life. The reasons they wake up in the morning and the moral guide for their whole life. “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else”- C.S. Lewis. To us it is more than a status symbol or a hobby it is the purpose of why we are here and if we believe something in this world goes against that. Should we be forced to do it? To be forced to disobey the person we believe created us for others selfish worldly reasons?


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