New Within our small group discussions, she had been

New Mexico stands out amongst all the other memories stored
within me. The scenery, the people, the language, and so much more. The Navajos
are natives who were relocated to New Mexico when colonization was first
occurring. Out of the poverty came so much pain and heartache for these people.
I remember our first night there, serving at the church with other youth
children. We sat in a circle facing one another as we shared our life story and
struggles that came with them. The purpose was to open up and pour out
everything, so we could feel free from all our sufferings. On the first day we
began to share, one girl stood out to me. Her response to everything we asked
was “I don’t know” or she wouldn’t talk at all. But then came the second day
and soon the third and fourth. Within our small group discussions, she had been
the only one to come every day and I came to realize how much pain she was
holding back. Through each “I don’t know” or silent answer, I sensed her
struggles and emotions. Something about her kept me interested and even after
the missions I continually texted her to check up. Slowly, as she began to
unravel her tightly bound heart, I was able to look inside. New Mexico is known
for countless drug addicts, alcohol addicts, abusers, and much more. The
children lacked the love they deserved and often didn’t know how to react
towards the love we tried to share with them. Their automatic response had been
to close off and keep to themselves. I learned how many girls had been sexually
and verbally abused by their fathers. Boys physically getting hit by their
parents. Children using drugs, sex, and alcohol to get rid of their anger
towards their abusive parents. So many broken families were scattered
throughout New Mexico. Innocent children only wishing for love, not toys or
clothes. Their pain was causing so much suffering that they didn’t know right
from wrong. Missing parent figures often were the cause. These Navajo children
only wished to experience love and have parent figures instead of materialistic


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