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National Strategy for an Ageing Australia is a national strategy that made in order to response issues happening to all population ageing. One of the strategies is World Class Care for older Australians. The goal of created world class care for an ageing population is to create a care system that has an appropriate focus on the health and care needs for older Australians and adequate infrastructure to meet those needs, to make Australia world class care system that provides services to older people that are affordable, accessible and appropriate and of high quality. Next is to create a care system that provides integrated and coordinated access, assistance and information for older Australians with multiple and significant and diverse care needs. Last but not least is to create a sustainable world class care system that has a balance between public and private funding and provides choices of care for older people. One of the World Class Care goals is;To provide a care system that has an appropriate on the health and care needs for older Australians and adequate infrastructure also an affordable, accessible and appropriate and of high quality services is provided (National Strategy for An Ageing Australia) Australian healthcare system provides a wide range services and accessible to every population.  One of the Australian Government effort in responding to the elderly population is creating myagedcare. There are two programs for elderly in myagedcare which are help at homes and aged care homes. Helps at homes (Home Care) is a program provided through through Commonwealth Home Support Programme with the aim to help elderly that live independently with their daily tasks (myagedcare, 2016) It is a service program designed with intention to help older people live as independently as possible. The eligibility requirements to register under CHSP are must 65 years or older, or 50 years or older and identify as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander person, or 50 years or older and on a low income, homeless or at risk of homelessness, still living at home and in need of help at home to continue to live independently. Additional services for a short period of time also provided for those that have been injured or hospitalized in order to help them stabilize themselves before return home. Meanwhile aged care homes or also known as nursing homes is services to help elderly with day-to-day tasks, personal care or 24-hour nursing care. Due to certain circumstances such as illness and disability, elderly faced limitations in their daily movement hence they often need other’s help. The aim of this program is to make sure that elderly can receive support and quality care when they need it (myagedcare, 2015)  This program are designed to meet an immediate need which is a consumption approach (McInnis-Dittrich, 1994) 10-15% of older Australians that live in the community are estimated experience anxiety or depression (Haralambous, 2009) This may lead to elderly losing ability to live independently because of frailty, disability, reduced mobility or physical condition. Increased life expectancy of older people on 2063 with 8% increased from 15%  of 2014 (Harris & Sharma, 2016) caused Australian Government meet this immediate needs by designing care for older Australians in order to help them meet their current needs and restore their independency (AIHW, 2015)  Australian Government effort to creating world class care without left out the elderly is a good effort. Even though elderly often been marginalised and viewed as frail, disable, malfunction but the government designed a program to care for the elderly. The government also had spend 71% of health expenditure for the elderly (Harris & Sharma, 2016) However, as the policy are designed because of the mental health problem which experienced by the elderly, the aged care did not logically meet the first goal of world class care i.e. a care system with an appropriate focus on health and care needs for older Australians. The aged care and home care program more likely service program to support older people to live independently but not specifically designed to reduced or treat the mental health problem that often happened to elderly. The government only focusing on the normative needs which the elderly need to have support and help to live independently but not explored, analyze and meet the expressive and felt needs of the elderly. In terms of support, according to the OECD health policy overview, Australian health system is a system that funded by federal and state government (2015) The Commonwealth government holds the greatest power to raise revenue as it dominates funding with 43% of total expenditure which give the Commonwealth dominant role in policy making (The Commoonwealth Fund) Department of Social Services Australia stated that Medicare is a federal government service that provides payments and services for health care and medicine (2016). As the population realized the need of care when they are older, they start saving their money for their future invention for their own health care. The world class care strategy and the health care policy for older Australians do address the inequities in treatment for the elderly which used to be oppressed by society. The elderly have the same opportunities in accessing health care like others. Beside, the policy also advocate by empowering the elderly to live independently and restore or maintain their wellness.


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