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National Honors SocietyElkhorn Valley Chapter601 S. Madison St. Tilden, NEDear NHS Selection Committee,I am truly honored that my teachers and other leaders have selected me as a candidate for membership in the National Honors Society. I feel as though I have served my community well in many aspects, from cleaning up the highways to teaching children skills in a number of different subject areas. My determination to do well in school and in everything I do has gotten me here. I believe that I would bring great value to NHS because I am responsible, hard working, and I have met all the requirements to qualify me to be a member such as, academics, leadership skills, service abilities, and character. I am a dedicated member of 4-h. Many of the clubs or groups I am involved in are based out of 4-h. Next chapter is one of the programs that I was recruited for. In Next Chapter I have been able to explore all kinds of careers that I had never heard of before, and I have learned about preparing for college. I have also been elected to the Antelope County 4-h Committee. We are in charge of making fair happen! Every month we have a meeting to make decisions that will impact 4-h and the Antelope County Fair. I was actively involved in reviving the County Liner’s 4-h Club. There were few if any members left before we stepped in. Now we are the largest club in Antelope county. This year I was elected vice president by the club members, and the past 3 years I was elected Secretary. My horse trainer Serena Siebrandt recently held a horsemanship clinic for some of her young and inexperienced clients. She invited myself and a few other students to join her in teaching them much needed skills for showing and working with their new horses. During the Spring and Summer I am an Riding Instructor for the Hoskins 4-h Riding Club. I supervise the younger kids and help them with maneuvering their horses properly and give them tips for showing. I love helping others whenever possible. Many of my neighbors reachout to me often for help with something such as trouble with their horse, or even doing chores while they are out of town. Of course I am always happy to help them out in a time of need, and I know they would do the same for me. I hope this letter gives you a better understanding of my character and involvement in the community. Thank you for your consideration of my application to the Elkhorn Valley Chapter to the National Honor Society. Sincerely, Sadie Smutny


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