My well as help navigating a large school and

My inspiration to work toward a just society came from two
personal experiences. Both experiences help me to understand the
dignity of the individual and working towards a common good.
I have attended an international school for thirteen years. At
school, I met many students from around the world who represented
different cultures and spoke many other languages. These visitors to
Texas  wanted friendship as well as help navigating a large
school and a new way of life. Despite our differences, we all worked
to understand each other and appreciate our diversity. We followed a
school principle that encouraged us to speak out on the rare
occasions when a student’s culture was criticized.
The second experience occurred at the end of summer in 2017. 
On August 28, 2017, Hurricane Harvey destroyed my family home. My
family and I were rescued on a boat by a policeman and taken to the
local high school.  When we arrived, I saw the school was filled
with donations from local businesses and residents who wanted to help
the evacuees. The donors did not care about anyone’s background or
culture. What mattered to them was that there was an immediate need
for help.
The hurricane was the most traumatic experience to ever happen to
me. But it also showed me the goodness in people especially in times
of tragedy.  When the flood subsided, my family had to start the
hard work of cleaning our flood-damaged home.  Many people came
by our house to help with the clean-up. There were those who stopped
by offering cleaning supplies, water, and sandwiches.  Friends
and strangers came to give us a hand without asking for anything in

With these experiences, I can appreciate CWRU’s ideals laid out in
the school’s Core Values: academic excellence and impact,
inclusiveness and diversity, integrity and transparency, and
effective stewardship.  As a prospective CWRU graduate, I am
committed to upholding these values by doing the following:

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To meet the academic excellence
and impact, I plan to tutor those who may need extra help to realize
their full potential.

To meet inclusiveness and
diversity, I accept, rather than just tolerate, differences among
people.  To accept means I will work to help bring a diverse
community together so that our differences bring us closer instead
of breaking us apart.

To meet integrity and
transparency, I plan to conduct myself to be beyond reproach.

To meet effective stewardship,
I plan to help the needy, by volunteering at a food pantry or resale
shop and helping under-privileged children with their school work.

I firmly believe that dignity is inherent in every person and
recognizing this is the foundation for promoting a just society. A
just society recognizes the worth of every individual. It also urges
everyone to work together to achieve a common good and to treat
others as they would want to be treated.


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