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My topic is about Google cloud console app. It is based on Both Apple apps and Android apps and it is based on Android Platform.What is Google cloud console app? It is basically providing an interface to manage set of cloud-based products and services that enables to create multiple things from the website to applications, to other solutions. These services allow developers to work on their projects without having to worry about managing the application, database, and storage. Now, you can manage these services directly from your smartphone, tablet or any hand-held devices from anywhere in the world.If your business, service, app or other technological entity rely on Google Cloud Platform to function, then you may want some way to manage that service from your phone or tablet. So, Cloud console app is an Android app a handy tool for those who rely on google hosting and virtualizing service will surely easily operate their day to day work. This app is available on Plays Store.This Google cloud console app will allow you to perform various tasks to assist you in managing your various virtualization and hosting solution. It’s also provided to customize the application’s dashboard based on your needs. This provides you with a quick overview of things, by saving your time. It also includes various things such as auto billing generation by monitoring your resource usage on monthly basis, and by gathering metrics and performance information. This application will allow you to monitor various tasks, accounts where you can view the summary of your Google App Engine and Compute Engine resources. You can also take certain actions on Virtual Machines by Management Tools. A Dashboard shows you information for performance, billing, networking and disk input and output and various other metrics. It provides an incident report facility, it provides incident reports when anything goes wrong, whether the health issue of virtual machine or space running out of hard disk. Through App, bug reports can be marked as fixed with an easy reply to the person who issued the report. You can manage your logs with cloud console mobile app. Customer closely watches the changes to their application and services and perform deep analysis to resolve issues, whether they’re at their desk or on the go. This app helps them to get more visibility into their application environment by providing a log viewer in our Android Cloud Console App.This feature updates the Cloud Console app brings a number of new ways to keep track of what’s happening in your Google Cloud Platform.In-Context logs you can visit a resource such as an App Engine application or Compute Engine VM and view the logs for that service with a simple tap. You can have a detailed view by tapping on long entry to see full details which helps you to troubleshoot. You can search locate and address specific issues by searching the log entries for your application.You can leave your laptop at home. Mobile management cloud provides all the facility. Suppose it’s 8.30 on Saturday evening and you’re arriving at the restaurant to meet your friends or family dinner. A text arrives from your boss. Usually, you might cancel the plans and back home. But this time you run the Google cloud console Mobile app and find the troublesome VM. You notice the storage is running out and you’re hosted app keep generating data so, it’s keep storing on the c­­­ache memory so it could store after the storage is available before destroying from the cache memory. So you simply open the app and allocate the new storage and app can continue the work.In Cloud Platform you can simply access the Google Cloud Console Mobile App, you can use the configurable graph to monitor the key stats, such as request per second, errors per second, and total instances for Google App Engine Apps.For Google compute Engine VM’s, you can monitor CPU usage, disk, and network status. You can even restart VM’s or SSH into them to perform system-level tasks. You can also respond to incidents., so your team knows you’re on top of the issues.Google Cloud Platform customers can now analyze changes to their application’s latency profiles through Google Cloud Console by using their Android devices. Using the latency report feature developers can view the latency profile of their application, observe if a report is flagged as having a major or minor latency shift.It provides graphs where you can ­view details and can monitor the App Engine and Compute Engine instances.The services allow developers to work on projects without having to worry about managing the application, database, and storage. The Cloud console app gives developers the ability to manage a project running on the Google Cloud Platform directly from an Android phone or tablet. They can easily check their state of Google App engine or Compute Engine resources. They can create a custom dashboard to get an overview of a project and take quick actions directly from a mobile device such as stopping a virtual machine, create snapshots of a virtual machine.Cloud console app allows you to customize the app’s dashboard to fit different user’s needs and displays information about billing, metrics, performance information, and monitoring of various accounts where Google App Engine and Compute Engine resources can be viewed.By using Google cloud console app, you can use the same infrastructure that provided by Google. Rapidly develop, deploy and iterate your app without worrying about system administration. Google manages your app, database, and storage servers, so you don’t have to.So, how this Google Cloud Console App working? It uses the Google cloud platform where you can build and run the backend for your mobile app on Google Cloud platform.This Google app engine provide a Mobile App Backend services where google cloud console app is connected to certain APIs. 


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