My science in Criminology and a minor in Cognitive

My Wednesday nights are a bit different from those of a typical high school senior. At 10:00 pm, I tune in to Criminal Minds, fascinated by the complexity of the human brain and what drives a human being to commit heinous crimes against humanity. The human brain is such an intricate yet, delicate part of the human body. With over 80 billion neurons that send chemical signals throughout your body, it lets you know if you are in hunger or in pain. I started looking at colleges that offer programs that work with the brain, my parents and teachers agreed, saying to me, “Look at UPenn’s College of Arts and Sciences.” Unfortunately, I was not able to make a college visit but I am anxious to see what it is all about. My ideas come from my own exposure to studying the behavior of my peers. From seeing their happiness for receiving a good grade to showing a form of aggression when provoked, I asked myself “why do they act like this?”. I recognized that I need to study at an institution known for its teaching in criminology and its access to well-known researchers. At the College of Arts and Sciences, I can begin to pursue a bachelor of science in Criminology and a minor in Cognitive Science to answer the question that I have been asking.
My goal at The University of Pennsylvania is to gain perspective and experience. Its emphasis on interdisciplinary programs attracts me because it gives me a broad view of how I am going to pursue my education. Taking advantage of this opportunity I can diversify my perspectives and ideologies. Becoming a part of the Criminology program will allow me to indulge myself in psychology and neuroscience, while also being a part of Cognitive Science I can connect computer science to human science, two areas I’m very fond of. Excited to learn from Dr. Richard Berk and Dr. Charles Loeffler, I hope to gain experience and knowledge that will help me advance my career.
Apart from my academics, I am going to pursue the things that motivate and comfort me. Networking and taking long walks through Locust Walk will fill me with enthusiasm, new realities, and an exploration of another side of life. Spending hours at the Philadelphia Museum of Art will surround me in a sea of color. UPenn is going to serve as my solace and my escape from boring everyday routines. Being a part of “Los Dolphinos” at Penn Club Soccer, I will be able to interact with students who have been engaged in their sports for years. Becoming a part of the UPenn Greek Life, I expect to find new ways to interact with people in a family-like type network and be able to get more involved in the community. As a Quaker, I hope to explore my passions and create new ones.


I'm Neil!

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