My primary goal as an instructor is to encourage

My primary goal as an
instructor is to encourage the students towards their passion and curiosity. I
believe that the most important part of teaching is to create a classroom
environment in which students from all levels of learners can achieve their potential
and learn to think as researchers. My teaching ideology relies on the following

Even though the advancing
digital world offers a lot of new resources to the students to learn, I believe
the traditional lecture is an important component. Mainly classroom environment
helps students to interact and discuss with other students. When students can
draw and debate an idea, in addition to reading and hearing about it, they
retain the information longer and can conceptualize the material for use in new
contexts. However, I also believe lecturing must be combined with other methods
of instruction because not all students learn best from lectures. I hope
interaction based learning improves learning outcomes for all level of

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I believe that at the
outset of any course, an instructor must first decide what learning outcomes
they want students to achieve by the end of the course. I might ask my students
a question at the beginning of class, and again at the end of class, to see if
they learned what I wanted them to over the course of the lesson. If not, that
suggests that my strategy for the day might need to be modified, or perhaps I
need to spend more time covering a particular topic. I could also ask them the
same question again in a future class meeting, to see how well the lessons are

Students tend to learn
fundamental concepts better when they know they will soon be asked to apply
them to problems they find important and relevant. I structure my courses with
challenging and interesting questions right from the beginning of the semester
and try to infuse my students with a desire to know more.

I believe that Exams will
be designed to assess whether students have achieved my learning outcomes.
However, even in a class with several midterm exams in addition to a final that
creates a handful of opportunities to receive quantitative information about
how the class is performing.

I would like to introduce
two new interdisciplinary courses at IISER Pune. First is Physical Principles
of Remote Sensing which covers all remote sensing technologies and their
fundamental physical principles with laboratory sections. Second is Microwave
Remote sensing for Cryosphere which explains different cryosphere components
and their changes, how these components could be studied or monitored using
basic to advanced remote sensing technologies. Additionally, I would be excited
to conduct lab course especially to handle Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data
and how to use that for snowpack parameter studies.

By adhering to the above
principles, I will teach my students to become critical thinkers trained in the
scientific method. 


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